Parrot Stands Acrylic Bird Cage Stands Stands Bird Table Stands Bird Training Tripod Hamster Squirrel Cage Stands with Stainless Steel Food Containers(Stand Frame Height 5.51in, Rod Length 7.88in) (M)

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Packaging and food containers are composed frame by the station, guests need to assemble by themselves, follow these steps:
1. Acrylic flower-ring wear to thin wooden stick.
2. Two wooden sticks connected with acrylic plate,tighten the screws.( thinner one on top, thicker on on bottom)
3. Ttainless steel food containers loaded acrylic sheet with good supported wooden stands which linked by two aluminum pieces.
4. The wing nut screwed on the bottom of food containers, more solid. Rack screws directly through the right side of the station screwed insided.
5. The other side is same step above.
6. Check all screws, bolts and nuts are firmly fixed.
7. Place the two stainless steel food containers on the stands


1. Our packaging has no tray included.
2. We are brand name products, all products have our onw handmade tag.
3. All our bird toys are color random products. It means that the color combination of the swings / stands / ladders is random.
4. If you buy, then it means that you accept this.
5. There is a plastic cover on the stands, please tear out it after you receive it .
6. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us here.

  • Novel design, unique, exclusive mix for the birds, parrots, hamsters with much fun, color is random.
  • Dimensions: Stand frame height 5.51in, rod length 7.88in. For bird, parrots, hamsters and other small animals climbing, standing and playing.
  • Material: Both sides of the rack with blue acrylic material + wood bar, fresh colors, increase the beauty.
  • Structure: Two wood rod supported station, ends with two stainless steel bowls, one for food, one for water. Meet the needs of pet feeding.
  • Usually put on the desktop for easy & close contacting with bird lovers, also can be a temporary station frame when travel outside. (If you worry about clean problems, please add a tray, tissue paper or mat.)

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