Parrot Foraging Toys with Hanging Wheel Feeder for Parrot African Grey Macaw Conure Cockatoo Chewing, 3.5 inch Outside Diameter

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A great play toy for pet bird, it provides a challenging and fun way to acquire food.
Spin the wheel and have the opportunity to forage.
Hole design is convenient for you to put food in it, you can put peanut, almond, etc.

  • Material: Acrylic, Size: 9cm/3.54" outside diameter, 3.5cm/1.38" height.
  • Easy to Use: wheel can be filled with your bird's favorite food or treats and parrots spin the wheel to forage.
  • Why to choose: It is easy to clean and maintain, and easy to hang in the cage.
  • Company your Pet: Hole design for food foraging, let your pet active, reduce boredom, and keep healthy, reduce feather picking or other negative behavior.
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