Parrot Chewing Toys Pure Natural Handmade Wooden Colorful Bite Hanging Toy African Greys Bird 15.8 x 5.2inch KinTor

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Kindly Noted:all our bird toys color material is food grade and havenot use any the fixing color glue,because there is a lot of chemical compositions in the fixing color glue. so when you wash the toy in the water,so the color will be a little fade away,please be sure the toy is totally dry under the sun, after that you can give the bird to play.and all our color material is food grade which won't cause any harm to your bird.My bird is 3years old.she plays our toys all the please feel free to buy it.

A Perfect Parrot Toy to Keep Your Pet Occupied and Happy All Day.


1.Perfect Size:16inch Length,5inch Width.
2.Made of high quality food grade material.
3.Pure Natural and Handmade.
4.Colorful design and Sturdy made.
5.Fit for all kinds of bird.Such as: Golden Sun counre ,monk parakeet,gray parrot,amazona,mini-con parrot,Senegal parrot,agapornis fischeri,cockatiel, psittacula alexandri,pionites,lorikeet etc.

Package included:1 x Parrot Chewing Toy


  • PERFECT SIZE FOR ALL BIRDS - Length:16inch,Width:5inch.Great chewing toys for all kinds birds.Alexander, big Fei chest, grey parrots, compromise, sunflower, amazon, a monk, Alexander, keck, golden sun etc.
  • COLORFUL DESIGN BRING MORE FUN - Kintor parrot toys is made of lots of vibrant food grade colors and different shapes encourage your bird to explore this fun toy.
  • STURDY QUALITY - KinTor parrort chew toys uses nature wood and purely handmade which are bite resistant and durable and healthy.
  • GREAT TOY FOR GRINDING BIRD BEAKS - Our chew toys help keeping their beaks sharp. However, their long beak can affect their eating habits, and harm its health. This cage bite toy helps this process and is not counter-productive.
  • 100% MONER-BACK GUARANTEE:Free Shipping to all US States!! We provide a 100% satistfaction guarantee and quality customer service. Please contact us with any questions and we are happy to help

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