Parrot Bird Harness & Leash Adjustable Multicolor Light Soft Fashion US (Blue)

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Harness Width: 0.7cm. Adjustable Harness Length: 40cm Leash Length: 80cm Package: Quantity: 1 pcs Parrot Bird Harness & Leash Tips: Young birds are especially easy to work with, if you are working with an older or difficult bird, please notice Have another person help you during the fitting and for the first few times you put the harness on. Fit the harness at a time when your bird is hungry and use its favorite treats for distraction and reward. For very agitated birds you might try covering the head. Once the harness is on and properly fitted, immediately take your bird outside as a reward. Your bird will soon learn to associate the harness with the fun of going outside and many birds become visibly excited with anticipation when they see their harness. Never leave your bird unattended while wearing the harness. If your bird tends to bite and pick at everything, he may not be a good candidate for this harness.

  • The combination of an adjustable harness and leash is a must for bird owners who enjoy taking their birds outside.
  • With a little patience and a lot of treats, nearly any bird can be trained to wear it and many will come to associate the sight of it with the fun and freedom of enjoying the outdoors with their owners.
  • If your bird is somewhat difficult to handle, this may not be suitable.
  • Color: Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow.
  • Quantity: 1 pcs Parrot Bird Harness & Leash

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