OxGord 25″x37″ Self Warming Pet Bed Cushion Pad Dog Cat Cage Kennel Crate Soft Cozy Mat

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● OXGORD SELF WARMING PET BED: OxGord an established and trusted name in pet care and supplies is excited to offer you and your pet our exclusive self warming pet bed. Constructed of ultra soft micro-fleece material, our self warming bed is the ideal refuge for your dog or cat. Designed specifically to channel your pets natural body heat into a warm bed of comfort, OxGord's self warming pet bed is the perfect way to help your pet fight the winter chill. Ideal for travel or for use in cars, hotels, and airline carriers.

● DESIGNED TO FIT MOST CRATES AND CARRIERS: Our 24" pet bed features trimmed corners to insure an ideal fit inside most pet crates and carriers. Featuring a non-slip textured bottom for a secure fit, our self heated bed can be easily placed in a crate or carrier or used as a stand alone bed in any room in the house. Flexible design allows you to fold corners to the ideal proportions of your crate carrier or car seat.

● MACHINE WASHABLE: Our high quality fleece is machine washable to ensure years of clean, comfortable use. Washable design significantly reduces the risk and spread of fleas, ticks, and allergy causing dust mites, and spores. Simply place the OxGord self heated pet bed in your washing machine and launder in warm water. Air dry pet bed to prevent shrinking.

● EXTRA SOFT MICRO-FLEECE MATERIAL: The micro-fleece fabric in our self warming bed traps your pet's natural body heat recycling it into a nest of warmth and comfort for your pet. The soft fleece design is ideal for all manner of pets and is soft enough to provide a soothing shelter and full night's rest.

● PERFECT FOR DOGS CATS OR ANY FURRY FRIEND: OxGord's self warming pet bed is designed to be used primarily by dogs and cats. However the versatile design of our pet bed means that it can be used for any pet that requires a soft warm bed to settle down on.

  • Oxgord 25"x37" Self warming pet bed. The perfect way to help your dog or cat fight the cold of winter.
  • Extra Soft Micro-Fleece construction uses your dog or cat's own body heat to warm the bed even in winter.
  • Designed to fit most pet crates and pet carriers. Trimmed corners can be folded to ensure secure fit.
  • Construction is paraben free and void of harsh dyes, chemicals or treatments.
  • Machine Washable Materials allow you to launder pet bed at home ensuring years of use.