OASIS #80070 Alive and Well, Stress Preventative & Pro-Biotic Tablets for Birds

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Alive and Well for Birds is a fizz tab for birds that introduces probiotics, vitamins and electrolytes into the digestive systems during stressful periods. Suitable for canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, parrots and cockatoos particularly during breeding or showing seasons. Use Alive & Well to help prevent physical and emotional stress during change in diet, caging or surroundings. Alive & Well's unique formula includes the beneficial pro-biotic bacteria and micro flora population needed as a follow-up treatment after any use of antibiotics in birds. Alive & Well for Birds can increase the bird's immune system's strength as well as assure that the bird's intestinal tract's normal micro flora remain at optimum levels. Use before, during and after any transfer to new habitat, or during travel. Dissolve in water -Offer in water or on food.

  • Safe and easy to use fizz-tabs
  • Helps prevent stress
  • Includes the highest quality grade natural ingredients possible

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