New Bird Parrot Large Cage 32″x20″x53″ Cockatiel Conure Finch Parakeet Senegal (black)

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Model: PCFT32
•Cage dimension: 32''L x 20''W x 35''H
•Overall dimension: 32"L x 20"W x 53"H (Including stand)
•Bar spacing: 3/8''
•Non toxic elegant epoxy painting
•11" x 22" front swing-out door with safety lock
•Four cups, seven feeder doors
•Top cage can be removed from base
•Two wooden perches
•Slide-out bottom plastic tray and metal grate for easy cleaning
•Four heavy-duty casters

  • Made of carbon steel wires that are sturdy for small birds
  • budgies, canaries, conures, cockatiels, finches, love birds, parakeets, parrotlets, pionuses, ringneck doves, senegals, etc.
  • Non toxic elegant epoxy painting
  • Top cage can be removed from base and put on a table for convenience
  • Seven feeder doors and 4 feeder cups provides great convenience

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Bongo the African Grey Parrot gets a new Bird Cage. It's and AE fancy top with a cabinet base. Bong like the drop down door to hang out on.

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