Neptune Systems AquaController Apex – Lab Grade ORP Probe

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Orp precision is 1 mv. Lab grade probe w/ 10' coax cable. Platinum band electrode. Standard BNC connector.

  • The ORP probe is a lab grade probe that comes with a 10 foot coax cable
  • The ORP probe has a precision of 1mv
  • The ORP probe has a platinum band electrode and the connector is a standard BNC While ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) isn't commonly measured by most reef tank owners, those who do generally do so to control their ozone generator or to keep a pulse on their tank.

If your goal is to control your ozone generator, you can follow these guidelines:

Option: Control Type
Select 'ORP Control'

Option: Fallback
Select 'Off' so the generator will turn off should the energy bar lose connection with the Apex base unit.

Option: Probe Name
Select 'ORP'

Option: High Value
You'll want to keep this below 450, we set ours to 380.

Option: Low Value
You'll want to keep this above 300, we set ours to 350.

Option: On When
Set this to 'low'.

This program will turn your ozone generator on if the ORP falls below the 'Low Value', and will remain on until it hits your 'High Value. At that point it will turn off until it again hits your 'Low Value' and the cycle continues.

If your goal is to monitor ORP simply to keep a heartbeat on your tank, you may want to set-up both an email and sound alarm with a statement similar to 'if ORP (greater than) 450 Then ON" or "if ORP (less than) 200 then ON".

If you have any questions or suggestions for you fellow reefers on how you use ORP checkout the comments area below. Don't miss our next episode, hit that subscribe button! 🙂

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