Natural Coconut Shell Bird House – Treat Dispenser Home – Encourages Foot and Beak Exercise – 100% Natural Coconut Husk – Durable & Sturdy – Habitat for Small & Medium Pets – Includes hanging loop

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Why is it Important for Birds to do Foot and Beak Exercise?
In their natural habitat, birds are free to fly, walk and climb as much as they want to stay healthy. But for the birds who are a pet, it is up to their owner to provide them with toys and activities to keep them fit. This is especially important for your bird's feet's health. A bird that has no adequate exercise will most likely end up having problems with their feet. SunGrow's Coco Shell Bird House helps them to maintain their feet healthy by exercising the smaller muscle group. It will encourage your parakeet to enjoy a little rugged physical play.

Also, for their beak, birds should be given a variety of wooden toys to chew, dig and tap with their beaks to help keep their beaks trim. An overgrown beak is like an overgrown nail of a human being which can even hurt. Since it is a wooden product, they like to tap their beak, which helps them keep it in the perfect shape and size in the most natural ways.

Now Make your Dream of Bird-watching Come True!
Use the hollow carved out space to place bird seeds or treats. Enjoy a little bird watching in your own backyard as some little-feathered friends will gather for a tasty snack during winter or summers or gift it to a loved one who will cherish housing birds in their backyard.

Perfect for Both Outdoor and Indoor
This tropical island inspired nesting house will add an exotic vibe to your baby parakeet's cage. Being a natural product, it will blend nicely into your garden, unlike plastic bird house models. You can install it inside your home, just outside your glass window, or your bird's cage or outdoors. But, if you plan to hang it outdoors, ensure that you have drilled a small hole in it so that post rainfall, the excess water is drained.

  • ✔ BIRDS LOVE THEIR TREAT DISPENSER HOME --- This unique SunGrow bird shelter provides a perfect hollow space for placing treats, bird seeds, and other bird food. This hollow shape also ensures the treats do not go wasted and are best kept in just the right quantity for the birds. Beautiful, colorful birds will love flocking to your eco-friendly birdhouse.
  • ✔ PERFECT HIDEAWAY, ENCOURAGES FOOT & BEAK EXERCISE --- Fun and cute hideaway for your Budgerigars, Canary, Hummingbird, wrens and others to nest & climb in and out of. Your bird will benefit from hours of mental stimulation and rugged physical play. The hard coconut shell provides beak and foot exercise to your pet.
  • ✔ COMPLETELY SAFE & NATURAL COCONUT HUSK --- This Coconut Bird Feeder by SunGrow is made from a completely natural coconut husk, giving a safe, sustainable and non-toxic environment to feed your small birds. Bird House is very easy to clean and perfect spot for Parakeets, Zebra Finches, Geckos etc.
  • ✔ STRONG AND DURABLE MATERIAL --- The Coconut Bird gazebo is made from one of nature's strongest materials ensuring its durability. Additionally, this coconut shell bird house will never rust or get moldy and will be a perfect cage decor. It will protect the birds from the harsh winters, summers or rain or high wind. So birds will find shelter and a safe heaven when weather conditions outside are not so friendly. So, this is the perfect one time investment for you.
  • ✔ PERFECT SIZE FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM BIRDS --- On an average, the bird house has an opening diameter of 2.5 inches (6.3 cm), coconut shell diameter is 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) and length of the rope is 4 inches (10 cm). As this is a natural product, the measurement may vary slightly. This is suitable for small birds such as finches, bluebird, sparrows, baby parakeets, love birds, chickadees, titmouse. And that's not all, even geckos, sugar glider, hamster and gerbil find this a cool place to hang out.