Nano-Reef Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Reef Systems Under 15 Gallons

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Any reef aquarium that contains less than 15 gallons of water is considered a nano-reef aquarium. These tiny ecosystems are almost as popular in the fish keeping community as full-size marine aquarium setups and, with the proper information and tools, can be set up and maintained by aquarists at any level of the hobby. The Nano-Reef Handbook covers a wide range of topics, including: the importance of water quality and tips on maintaining stable water parameters; components of a nano-reef and how to choose the appropriate aquarium, lighting, and accessories for a tank; which fish and invertebrates are best for these types of tanks; and much, much more. For the reef enthusiast looking for a new challenge, or any up-and-coming fish hobbyist, this all-inclusive guide contains all the information you'll need to achieve nano-reef success.

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30 Gallon Nano Reef - Brilliant Aquarium! HD

This is my 30 gallon Nuvo nano reef aquarium. The tank is made by Innovative Marine but I have made a lot of upgrades. I know I have been asked to do this update for a very long time by my subscribers. I just reached 2000 subscribers and I would like to thank all of you with this new tank update. Information on the name of the coral and identification will be here in the description below. If you wanna know which coral one is simply look below!

0:08 Green Star Polyps
0:10 Candy Cane Coral
0:13 Pogada
0:15 Rose Bubble Tip Anemone
0:18 Harry Mushroom
0:21 Blood Fire Shrimp
0:49 Hammer Coral
0:54 Red Acans
0:57 Rose Bubble tip anemone
1:15 Green Candy Cane Coral
1:20 some type of blue Zoas (Tubbs Blue?)
1:23 Yellow Polyps
1:29 Blue Damsel
1:42- 1:47 Green Star Polyps
1:57 Blood Red Fire Shrimp
2:18 Pogoda Coral
2:21 Frogspawn Coral
2:23 Green Bubble Coral (left)
2:26 Kenya Tree Coral
2:34 Toadstool Coral
3:00 Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoas
3:02 Occeleris Clownfish
3:04 Green Nepthea Tree
3:06 Green Button Polyps
3:21 mushrooms

I have Rapid Led's Onyx lighting system. I have a AquaEuro Nano Protein Skimmer 2. I have a EcoTech Marine Mp10 along with a Sicce Pump.
Video Rating: 4 / 5