More On Dog Crate Training – Choosing The Perfect Dog Crate For Your Furry Friend

Today, there are a lot of different pet crates to choose from and you need to select one that is ideal for your canine friend. One major thing to consider is the size of the cage in proportion to the size of your dog. You don't want it to be so small that your puppy can hardly turn around, however, you wouldn't want it being too big either. The right size is a size that allows your canine to stretch and has enough head room to stand up and turn around in, but one that's still comfortable for your furry friend.

In case your canine is still a puppy, you might have to think about purchasing a small kennel right now and a larger one when she grows to adult size. Even better, pick a crate that has a divider panel. That allows you to make it bigger as your pup grows. As well as sizing, there are plenty of different items on the market.

Durable plastic models are popular and also a design which is essential for traveling on airlines. These styles tend to be plastic on the sides, bottom, and top, and include a metal gate on the front side. This is generally the kind the airline requires, and more than likely what you'd want to utilize for car travel since the are going to be more shielding for your dog should an accident or rough travel take place. They might be somewhat secluded because the plastic on the top and sides isn't going to leave very much room for your puppy to see out. On the other hand, your puppy may enjoy this because it provides a really private den. They're outstanding for potty training.

Aluminum and wire cages are often the models which are found in boarding kennels. You may also see them at canine events. They're simply wire all around and they usually have a plastic bottom that you put inside so your canine is not sitting on the wire which may actually injure his / her feet. Wire models offer an advantage since your pet is able to see out of the top and the sides. There are several very attractive crate covers which can provide a more secluded space. If your price range does not permit a cover, you can always cover the top using a towel or blanket. Wire cages can be much easier to clean out too. Simply slip out the tray on the bottom for washing. A wire crate is designed for dog training.

Soft sided dog crates are great for those who spend considerable time outdoors, and if you need to bring your pup to the store, the vet, or perhaps a visit to the dog park or beach. Soft versions usually are not recommended for flying and I don't think any of them could be approved by the airlines anyway. Also, they are not good to have as a standing kennel at home because they are extremely flexible. They are typically manufactured from some type of nylon material with zippers on top and also a front zippered "door" which you can use to take your canine in and out. They are wonderful improvements to the dog crate family should you have a properly trained dog, but they are not suggested for initial training, particularly for puppies that like to chew.