Milliard Pressure Sensitive Auto On/Off Pet Bed Warmer – 16″

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The MILLIARD Pressure Sensitive Automatic Heated Pet Bed provides a warm and soothing place for your pet to sit or sleep on for those uncomfortably chilly days or nights. Its flexible internal heating coils stay soft and comfortable as they provide the perfect amount of heat. The velour bedding cover gives your pet a soft and fuzzy surface they can snuggle against and the unit is powered through a non-toxic, PVC-coated cord that is chew-resistant to keep nervous kitties or pooches from shocking themselves.

Features of the Milliard Pet Bed Warmer
Energy Efficient - This Pet Bed Warmer has an Auto On/Off function which activates when you’re pet lays on it and deactivates when they get up to reduce your energy costs.
PVC Coated Cord - The cord on this product is chew resistant to better protect your pet from injuring itself.
Removable Washable Cover – This ultra-soft fleece cover is removable and washable for your convenience.
Dimensions and Specifications – This pet bed measures 16” round. The voltage for this pet bed warmer is 12V and disperses 16W.

This Auto On/Off heating pad is just perfect to place anywhere, whether it’s the shed, garage or inside your house, your heated pet pad will make your cat or dog perfectly comfortable. Your indoor heated pet bed has been carefully manufactured by MILLIARD with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind and should provide years of satisfaction with proper use.

  • The Milliard Pressure Sensitive Auto On/Off Pet Bed Warmer, can be used alone to warm your pet or can be used in your pets bed, to create a comfortable and cozy bed
  • The heat pad is set to veterinarian recommended temperature and is safe and ideal to be used in your house, shed or garage
  • For added safety, the heat pad features a chew resistant cord which connects to an AC adapter
  • Easy to Clean, this pet bed includes a removable ultra-soft washable cover for easy maintenance Check out other great products by Milliard
  • Input: 120V 60Hz 16W | Size: 16 inches diameter