Midwest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand, Double Unit, 36 Inches by 24 Inches by 63 Inches

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Designed with Critters and Owners in Mind; We watched very closely how small animals play, eat, sleep, interact - attending to their every need for maintaining a contented, happy and safe lifestyle. Then we began designing the best environment as well as the most user friendly small animal cage in the world. The result being a complete and feature filled habitat offering the very best. No Tools Required assembly, the finest fit and finish, long lasting and easy to maintain. Quality Home for Your Critter. The World’s Best Small Animal Habitat -Critter Nation

  • Full Width Double Doors Provide Maximum Accessibility for Easy Cleaning & Feeding
  • 1/2 " Horizontal Wire Spacing Allows Pets to Fulfill Their Instinct to Climb & Explore in Secure Environment
  • Wide Expanse Shelf & Full Width Plastic Pan Floor to Provide Maximum Play Area & Prevent Dangerous Falls
  • Less-Mess and Easily Removable Height Adjustable Shelves with Removable Plastic Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Happy Feet Ramp Cover Protects Pets Feet and Provides Traction & No-Slip Passage Between Levels

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