Medium Safety Pumice Perch

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Made from natural pumice stone and designed with smooth surface on top to protects bird's pads and textured on side to keep your bird's nails in a natural healthy state of trim. Natural shape and sizes to exercise bird's feet and legs. 1 1/4" Dia. X 12" Long and suitable for Small Cockatoos and Greys, Pionus and Mini Macaws.

  • Safer than sand
  • Easy to install and cleans with soap and water
  • Lightweight natural design
  • Natural Pumice Stone
  • Variety of colors and sizes for your birds environment

My birds' toenails grow pretty fast and usually need a trimming every 3 - 4 months. I've been reading up on different perches which may help file and delay the nail trimmings in birds. Of course, there's a lot of different experiences that bird owners share about different products out there.

After researching for awhile, I decided to buy a couple of pumice perches. They are less expensive and a lot lighter in weight than the cement perches. Sand perches are very hard and rough on the underside of the bird's feet. I wouldn't want to be standing on the rough surface either. While the pumice perch also have the rough surface, the top and bottom have smooth surfaces which protect the underside of the bird's feet.

One draw back of the pumice perch is that the screw on knobs are black and the color of the perches are pretty dark which my birds are afraid of. Another draw back is that you must position the perch so that the smooth side is up and the way they manufacture the part where it attaches to the cage, can be attached only to vertical bars. I was able to solder the end of the perch and was able to attach the perch to the horizontal bars.

My cage has different material and size perches which is very important for the health of the bird's feet. After all, they are on their feet all the time.

Because of the irregular shape and dark colors (my birds don't like dark colors), I had the pumice perches laying near their cages for about a week. Then I had put Blueberry on the pumice perch when he was outside the cage and he did well. While Blueberry was already standing on the perch outside the cage, he still hasn't stood on it in the cage. On the other hand, Mango, the overly cautious one, had been on it a couple of times already.

They are due for a nail trimming and I will keep track to see if these pumice perches work or not. I know Mango have already been pecking at it and the pumice perch is supposed to be good for the beak as well.