Magicfly Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester – Incubator Warehouse Exclusive

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Magicfly Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester - Incubator Warehouse Exclusive

What's it?
High Intensity Egg Candling Lamp for monitoring egg development.   This Egg Candler provides High Intensity lumens of super cool Led light for the ultra safe lumination of your eggs. Superbly made from the highest quality materials for years of use.
After the incubator has been running for a few days, it's possible to scan the eggs with a bright light to see inside the shells. This will give you a good idea of whether or not an egg is progressing according to plan, and it will also allow you to follow the process of embryo development at first hand.
Traditionally, a candle was used to scan eggs, and the process became known as candling. Obviously, complications could arise when eggs were held up to hot candles, so thanks to recent developments in technology, brighter and cooler light sources are available which do not carry the risk of harming the development of the embryos. By shining a  Candling Torch through the shell, you can often make out signs of progress as and when they take place.

Technical Specification:
Product Dimensions: 15 x 3.5 x 3.5cm ;
Power: 110V
Power cord lenth: 1.2M
Packing size: 16X12X5CM
G.W.: 200g

Package including:
1 x LED egg Candler
2 x Candler cover
1 x adapter

110-V AC for domestic use only.

  • Brand new,and it's good Quality unit
  • Fast Safe Extremely easy
  • High Lumens Egg Candler Cool light !
  • Long Electric Cable with American Plug
  • Very Durable with easy on and off button

A cheap easy way to build your own home made egg candler with materials you most likley have laying about..
Infomative video on how to read eggs