Luxury Stainless Steel Lint Brush, Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Lint Remover for Clothes, Fabric and Upholstery

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Luxury Pet Hair Lint Brush removes lint, cat hair, dog hair and more with effortless ease. Very effective to clean up massive amounts of shedding. Avoid sticky residue, sponges and powders with our reusable washable brush. The wide surface of the double sided brush picks up more unwanted hair and lint than other brushes. Effective on various fabrics including car seats, clothing, carpet, furniture and couches. The handle doubles as a shoe horn. Constructed of brushed stainless steel. What if your Brush doesn't work on your breed's hair? We designed our brush to work on a variety of dog and cat hair for as many types of surfaces as possible. Some fur is more difficult to collect than others. If you are less than satisfied with how your brush works on your pet's hair please return the brush to Amazon and we will fully refund your order.

  • Reusable Dog Hair, Cat Hair, and Lint Brush
  • Use on Upholstery, Clothing, Bedding, Carpets, Auto, etc.
  • Double sided to attack all types of pet hair
  • Requires No Refills- Refresh with light soap and water
  • Full Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked - See details below