LitterMaid Kitty Kabana Universal Litter Box Privacy Tent (LMT200)

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Your cat will enjoy the privacy and you'll appreciate having the litter box "under cover" with the LMT200 Littermaid Privacy Tent, which is designed to fit Littermaid Litter Boxes

  • Universal tent hides the litter box and offers kitty some privacy
  • Designed to fit all LitterMaid and standard cat-litter boxes
  • Litter box simply sits inside the tent; helps contain litter and odor
  • Translucent tent material provides a brighter box; easy to assemble
  • Measures 9-1/8 by 3 by 21-5/8 inches
  • Designed to fit all LitterMaid litter boxes
  • Tent helps contain litter and odor

This is another review of the Littermaid Elite automatic litter box. It's been a couple of months now, and I'm starting to see a few minor problems with it. I show those problems in this video, and you will see that they are easy enough to work your way around. I still recomend this unit, and it is the best automatic litter box I've tried so far.

Always remember that this is not a set and forget unit; none of them are.

Cat privacy tent:

Kitty Kabana cover:
Video Rating: 4 / 5