Large NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree

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The ultimate perch-paradise for your parrot! The Deluxe Large NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree is a complete parrot perching experience. This luxurious bird tree is unique in that it allows you to customize it to your parrot's needs and preferences! The best part of the NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree is that it is entirely made of Parrot Wizard's patented NU Perches! The most comfortable, non-slip, contoured, varied, safe perches now come in a whole tree for your parrot to enjoy. Assembly is super easy and no tools are required. Twist the trunk into the base, the tree canopy into the trunk, and finally twist the perches into the slots in the canopy and trunk. You get to choose how you want to position the perches! The tree comes with 8x perches but 16x perch slot positions. You choose if you want the perches spaced closer together, further apart, or favoring one side. Or, you can purchase additional perches and fill all of the slots. You are not locked into any one configuration. If you find that the perches get pooped on a lot in a certain place, just change the location. Clean up is very simple! The base is an easy to clean material that helps prevent poop from sticking on. You don't have to wheel the whole tree outside to hose it when it gets dirty. Untwist the perches that require cleaning, take them to your sink, and then reattach. This is especially helpful for those who keep their tree on an upper floor. The tree comes with: Wheels, 2x Stainless Steel Food Bowls, 8x Twist-In NU Perches, 12x Perch Slots, 12x Stainless Steel Toy Hooks. Base is 34x22". Tree stands 58" tall. The Large NU Perch tree is best sized for medium to large parrots including: African Grey, Cockatoos, and Macaws. However, smaller perches can be purchased and used with smaller parrots.

  • Comfortable NU Perches that can be replaced
  • Arrange the perches as you like
  • Easy - no tools required - assembly
  • Easy to clean wheeled base
  • Lots of stainless steel toy hooks

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