Large Bird Cage Parrot Aviary with Roof W44.5 X D29 X H67.5

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With Thick metal frames finished in a house design this 67.5" tall bird cage presents style and sturdiness! It even has wheels on the base of the frame so it can be taken around!

With multiple feeders and wooden poles your birds can have freedom of flying from one area to the next.

Designed in a rectangle shape and standing 67.5" high, your individual or multiple birds will sing sweeter and liver more happily!

With house roof design, you can leave your birds outside enjoy the sunshine without any worry about the weather changing.


Metal Frame Bird Cage

Bar Space: 3/8" very good for many small birds

House Style Roof

2 x Intricate cage doors that can be opened

Sliding out bottom grate and tray for easy cleaning

Wheels on base for movement

4 double cups bird feeders

4 wooden perches

2 small lift-up doors at back for optional nesting boxes


Dimension: W44.5 x D29 x H67.5(with roof)

Size of front door: W14 x H13

Bar space: 3/8"

  • Large size bird avairy cage with roof to protect your birds from raining
  • Sliding out bottom grate and tray for easy cleanning
  • Built-in wheels for easy moving about
  • Bar space: 3/8"
  • Large Size: W44.5" x D29" x H67.5"

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