KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, Large

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The KONG Wobbler
Wobblers wobble but they don’t fall down

The Wobbler is a KONG-shaped toy and feeder that sits up until your dog pushes it down with their paws or noses. The best part- it then dispenses treats as it wobbles spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging even for the seasoned pooch. Use the Wobbler as an alternative to a dog bowl and help extend meal time and exercise your dog.

KONG Wobbler
The KONG Wobbler dispenses treats as it wobbles

The Wobbler is a fabulous toy for playtime providing both mental challenge and physical activity for your dog. The whole family will enjoy watching the Wobbler in action.

Introducing the Wobbler to Your Dog

To start treat dispensing or mealtime feeding unscrew the Wobbler and fill with food or treats. In the beginning make sure your dog observes you filling the Wobbler with food. Screw top on tightly!

Demonstrate the use of the toy to your dog- make it a big event. Let them sniff the Wobbler opening. Push it wobble it and roll it-until some of the food or treats are released. Get excited about the toy- your dog will too! Most dogs will quickly learn to use their nose or paws to move the Wobbler and release the treats. Praise your dog each time a treat is released. Your praise and the treat reward will encourage continued involvement.

It also helps to introduce the Wobbler when your dog is hungry and thus more motivated to work for the treats. Often one demonstration is all that’s needed in order for your dog to catch on. Repeat the process several times if necessary. It’s recommended that you start with a number of high-value small treats for maximum canine motivation and easy dispensing. This method ensures a rapid training period. As your dog gets more comfortable using the Wobbler you can increase the challenge by reducing the number of treats inside using larger treats and/or a combination of large and small treats. However always make sure the treats are not too big to fit through the dispensing hole.

Special Features

  • Easy to fill and clean as the top quickly unscrews from the base
  • Use as a mealtime feeder for dogs that eat too quickly and scarf food
  • Give IQ-building fun time to your doggy genius
  • Made of FDA food-approved high strength plastic polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in two size: Small (fits ½ cup of food) and Large (fits 1 cup of food)

KONG Wobbler

Wobbler Mealtime Instructions

The KONG Wobbler is an excellent alternative to traditional bowl feeding extending the joy of mealtime and preventing unhealthy gulping. Using the same basic instructions as above fill the Wobbler with up to 2 cups of dog food and then screw the top on tightly. Refill as needed. Use the same amount of dog food as instructed on your dog food bag.

KONG Wobbler
An excellent alternative to a dog bowl the Wobbler helps extend meal time

KONG Wobbler
Build your pet's IQ and entertain him at the same time
KONG Wobbler
The Wobbler comes in both a large and small size
KONG Wobbler
The Wobbler provides both a physical and mental challenge for your dog
KONG Wobbler
KONG Wobbler
  • Dispenses food and treats for hours of fun; prevents rapid eating
  • Entertaining wobble action
  • Twist off dispenser; easy fill
  • Made in the USA
  • Measures 7 x 6 x 10.5-inches; suitable for dogs weighing 25-pounds or more

I've purchased both for my shiba inu, Loki, and definitely prefer the kong over starmark.
Follow Loki's adventures here: http://www.lokishiba.wordpress.com