KINTOR Bird Chewing Toy Large Medium Parrot Cage Bite Toys African Grey Macaws Cockatoos Eclectus Amazon (Banana-22inch)

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Why Parrot need the toy?

First of all,in the wild, most parrots are gregarious, they spend a lot of time to foraging and avoiding the enemy. However, once the parrot was domesticated, because there is no such worries, and have more free time.most people keep only 1 to 2 parrots, which can cause the birds to lack companions and see the master as an important partner.Of course this is a good thing, but if you do not have much time to accompany it, it will feel lonely and boring. Lonely parrots may shout, bite things, and even bite their hair in order to attract your attention. Over time, a well-behaved bird will gradually introverted, irritable, become full of wild birds.

Secondly,parrot's beak is going to keep growing to keep it sharp. However, too long beak will affect the parrot's own eating ability, and damage its health. The wild parrot will control the length of the beak by biting the trunks and hard food, and loving bite things becomes part of their nature. If the home parrot lack of appropriate things can bite, based on health and nature, they had to bite the goods in the home.that's why chewing toys is necessity for parrot.

Why Choose Kintor Parrot Chewing Toys?

--Made with pet safe materials and quick link fastener for easy attachment to cage
--Unique and colorfull design can bring more interest to your parrot
--Durable and sturdy with stainless steel connection
--Perfect decoration and gift for your love pet
--Great toy for large and medium parrot

Package included:1 x Bird Toy


  • PERFECT SIZE FOR LARGE& MEDIUM PARROT - Measures 22inches high,Suggested for Macaws cokatoos,african grey and a variety of amazon parrots
  • MADE WITH 100% PET SAFE MATERIALS - Kintor bird toys is made of food grade color and nature wood,completed with purely handmade which are more bite resistand and durable
  • UNIQUE DESIGN BRING MORE FUN - Kintor parrot toys has several distinctive shapes and wooden beads with vibrant colors which connected with the metal chain,and also multiple layers encourage parrot to climb and explore
  • GREAT GRINDING BEAK TOY - Our parrot chewing toy can help parrots to preen and condition their beak,because if her beak is long,which will harm her health
  • 100% MONER-BACK GUARANTEE:Free Shipping to all US States!! We provide a 100% satistfaction guarantee and quality customer service. Please contact us with any questions and we are happy to help