Kaytee Play n Learn Cage for Cockatiels

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A fun and secure interactive cage for your pet cockatiels. Featuring a large front door for easy access to your bird, door also doubles as a landing perch to encourage your bird to explore. Plus, convertible play top pops up for supervised out of cage playtime. The Treat Play n Learn Interactive Play Wall is designed for use with any of the wide assortment of Super Pet Interactive Toys or Enrichment Pods (sold separately). Three doors on back allow for adding and changing toys and treats. Cage is 16-inch long, 16-inch wide and 23-inch high (28-inch high with playtop open). Includes 3 wood perches and 2 easy access food and watering cups.


Finally, a bird cage that makes bonding, training, cleaning and interacting easy! Super Pet's Treat Play-n-Learn cages are designed to challenge and stimulate pet birds, while providing them with a safe and secure place to live. The convertible play top provides pets with the opportunity for supervised out of cage play time, and for bonding time. The large front door offers easy access to your pet bird and doubles as a landing perch. The Interactive Toy doors allow you to place toys in the cage and provide and easy and unintimidating way to fill toys from outside of the cage. Toys Sold Separately.

Product Features

  • Convertible play top, large front door and interactive toy access doors
  • Food and Water Cups
  • Safe, secure, and spacious design

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Image Model Dimensions Food Dish Water Dish Other Accessories Ideal For
Play N Learn Cage for Cockatiels
Habitat Image
100505917 16"L x 16"W x 23"H (28" With Playtop Open) Yes Yes Cockatiels
Play N Learn Cage for Parakeets
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100505919 13.5"L x 11"W x 18"H (22" With Playtop Open) Yes Yes Parakeets
EZ Care Activity Center Playground
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100501791 26"L x 24"W x 56"H Yes Yes Parakeets, Cockatiels
EZ Care Playtop Cage
Habitat Image
100079573 27.25"L x 27.25"W x 49.25"H (Living space 17.75"L x 17.75"W x 32.75"H) Yes Yes Parakeets, Canaries, Finches, Lovebirds
Habitat Defined Parakeet Enrichment Home
Habitat Image
100502859 16"L x 14"W x 20.50"H (31.5"H with Activity Center open) Yes Yes Parakeets
  • Kaytee, formerly Super Pet
  • The perfect interactive bird cage that encourages activity and mentally stimulates your pet cockatiel
  • Easily add and change toys and treats to keep your pet bird happy
  • The pop up playtop and multipurpose large front door encourage out of cage playtime
  • Includes 3 wood perches and 2 food and watering cups
  • Cage is 16-inch long, 16-inch wide and 23-inch high, 28-inch high with playtop open

This is my cockatiel cage set up, I have two Cockatiels, the grey one is Monty and the pied is Stormy.
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