Kaytee Platime Activity Center for Parakeets and Cockatiels

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The Super Pet Playtime Activity Center is the all in one portable playground for parakeets and cockatiels. A great place for the all important out of cage playtime for your pet bird. The versatile play scape can be used on a desk or tabletop, or can be hung from a ceiling to save valuable floor space. Promotes healthy exercise and encourages bonding and interaction between pet and owner. Assembled unit is 17 inches diameter and 15.75 inches high

  • Kaytee, formerly Super Pet
  • Durable, deep, crevice free base for easy care and maintenance
  • Center post with 6 adjustable perches that hold a variety of toys, food and water cups and green flora accents
  • Perches have multiple attachment points designed for use with any of the Super Pet Enrichment Pod Toys and Accessories. as you need.
  • Chain and ceiling guard are included so you can create a hanging activity center and save on floor and table space
  • Base and ceiling guard interlock together as a convenient space saving storage container when not in use

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