Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Food for Cockatiel, 5-Pound

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Kaytee forti-diet pro health is a seed-based blend of fresh, palatable seeds, grains and fortified supplements that provides the essential nutrients your pet needs for a long, healthy life. With DHA omega-3 - supports heart, brain and visual functions rich in natural antioxidants - for general health and immune support probiotics and prebiotics -natural ingredients that aid in digestive health naturally preserved - for ideal freshness enhances feathers and coloring

  • Naturally fortified food
  • DHA Omega-3 to support heart, brain and visual functions
  • Nutritionally enhanced daily diet

A hilarious and very ironic display of several black birds eating from an outdoor bowl of cat food while the cats are watching from inside the house. A very interesting closeup view of very unusual behavior of birds competing for food and cats watching their prey eat their own food. The birds fight over the food and they use the water bowl to rinse or wet the food while eating it, and to wash it down. The cats are intently watching and itching to go outside and get them, but they also seem a bit perplexed by the aggressive display of so many birds.