Kaytee Forage-N-Play Ladder, Small Bird Cage

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Watch your pet bird climb up and down with the Kaytee Forage-N-Play Ladders. These fun ladders are designed to challenge your pet bird's natural desire to explore and investigate. They also promote recommended exercise and activity needed to make your pet happy and healthy. The multiple textures and materials used on the ladders help to visually stimulate birds and reduce unwanted behavior caused by birdie boredom.

  • Solid wood construction with zinc & lead free metal hanging hooks
  • Colorful wood ball caps with shedding paper, sisal, loofah and rope attachments to stimulate companion birds
  • Three section ladder is articulated so it fits anywhere
  • Small size is ideal for parakeets, cockatiels and other small companion birds
  • Actual size 15-inch long and 3-1/2-inch wide

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