Jebao DCW-2000 dc water pump with sine Controller 528GPH 20W 8.2ft high lift for aquarium marine reef fish tank Circulation

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The dc 24V brushless pump is a high performance return pump,sine wave is the trend of aquarium water pump renewal.
A cinch to install,THE dcw-2000 have a very small footprint, allowing them to fit into even smaller sumps and tight spaces .
With an 10 speed controller and the lift increased to 2.5 meters compared to previous models, the DCW 2000 delivers an ultra-quiet performance and can be used in Salt/Fresh water Aquarium,fountain Aquaculture, Koi Pond, etc..

Product specifications:
Product models:DCW-2000
Pump dimensions: 4" L*2.5"W*3.5"H
Flow rate:528 GPH (2000L)
Max lift head: 2.5 M

  • ★This nano dc pump used sine wave technology , Ultra silent operation, memory function for power supply off to recall memory .
  • ★10 Different Flow Rate control, Adjustable Flow rate (900L to 2000LPH/237GPH to 528GPH ),Can raise water to height of 2.5M (Max Head), Comes with intake screen,Small and Strong.
  • ★The Dcw2000 sine wave variable speed pump Can operate in Marine and Fresh Water.  
  • ★One click Feed mode (10 Minutes stop),Soft start operation - pump gradually builds up to set flow rate,100% Copper components free, safe for any tank!
  • ★Low voltage, safe,IC Electronic Detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water,Motor protection if rotor is blocked. With wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation life.