Huijukon Aquarium Fish Tank Sponge Filter Bio Filter with 1 Air Pump/2M Airline Tubing/1 Air Walve, Up to 55 Gallons (Filter Set)

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This aquarium filter set is designed to add water movement and oxygen in the fish tank to increase the health of water and give your fish a comfortable environment, improving the overall health of the aquarium

The water flow exit tube on the sponge filter is adjustable so you can change direction and height of the water flow
This oxygen pump allows for max flow up to 3.5l/min, great for small and medium-sized fish tanks no matter what kinds of aquarium creatures they have, including freshwater and marine

Power rating: 3W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Max pressure: 0.02MPA
Max displacement: 3.5L/Min
Airline tubing length: 2M/78.7inch

1* Huijukon Sponge Filter
1* 3W aquarium air pump
1* Airline tubing
1* Air Valve

Kind reminder:
To prevent the water backflow and pump damage, the OUT port must connect to the airline tubing.

  • Made of food-grade materials, absolutely safe -- Simple, effective,easy to clean (squeeze in tank water), Working perfect getting your fish tank water super clean and clear【Max Tank Size: 55 Gallons】
  • Sponge filters provide both mechanical and biological filtration, and Dual sponge design, it quickly established a biofilter, two sponges means more surface area for bacteria and faster cycling
  • Low Noise -- This aquarium air pump filter operation ultra-quiet, which will not disturb your sleep, work or the inhabitants in the aquarium
  • Easy to use: Simply install the airline tubing and air pump into the unit,This sponge filter comes with 1 air pump, 1 * 2M/78.7inch airline tubing, 1 Air Valve(To prevent the water backflow and pump damage)
  • Easy to install: comes with 2 suction cups, can be installed anywhere and can be easily hidden on the back wall of the aquarium; great for shrimp tanks, bettas, goldfish, guppies, fry, baby fish or breeder tanks