HovaBator Genesis 1588 Ultimate Egg Incubator & Brooder Combo Kit

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The Genesis 1588 includes a digital control center that displays both temperature and humidity. Simply plug it in, then add water and eggs. This incubator delivers consistently good hatches. Excellent for classrooms, novices, and experts The 1588 can be set as low as 80 F. for use with reptiles Soft-Air fan technology provides needed oxygen and refreshes air without forcing air directly on the eggs. Includes liner and instructions. IncuTurnTM Automatic Egg Turner for HovaBator Egg Incubators The IncuTurnTM for HovaBator will fit all current HovaBator desktop incubators**. The universal egg tray holds any size egg, The automatic egg turner gently rolls the eggs six times per day, this rolling action is very similar to how eggs are turned in nature. The universal egg tray can hold 42 Chicken*, 70 Quail*, or 28 Goose eggs*. IncuBright Egg Candler One of the most exciting parts of incubating eggs is being able to watch the embryo progress during the various development stages. It was designed specifically for candling eggs. The IncuBright uses the latest in LED light technology, having one super bright CREE bulb the IncuBright illuminates your eggs for easy viewing, even with dark or large eggs. The Incu-BrightTM has the only universal silicone rubber egg protector ring that lets you candle any size egg. The IncuBright is cordless making it easy use (batteries included). Feeder & Waterer Kit 2 - Mason Jar Waterers (Jars not included) 1 - Pack of Waterer Stones (attracts birds & Prevents Drowning) 1 - 20" Flip-top Feeder 1 - Pack of Chick Starter Food 1 - Feeding instructions Brooder Kit Our Brooder Kit is designed to be simple to set up and simple to use. With the Brooder Kit and our Feeder/Waterer Kit you will have everything you need to take care of your flock of birds. Kit Includes: - Adjustable Tripod Heater Stand - 250W Brooder Lamp - 250W InfaRed Heat Lamp/Bulb - 8 Foot Long Containment Wall - Brooding Instructions

  • HovaBator Genesis 1588 Egg Incubator Kit
  • Includes: Pre-set electronic thermostat to 99.5 Degrees F
  • Digital display of current temperature and humidity
  • Egg Turner, Egg candler, & feeder and waterer kit
  • Brooder kit for after the chicks hatch

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