HovaBator Genesis 1588 Deluxe Egg Incubator Combo Kit

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The Genesis 1588 HAS just been upgraded for 2012, the new model includes a digital control center that displays both temperature and humidity. The Genesis Hova-Bator is pre-set for bird eggs. Simply plug it in, then add water and eggs. This circulated air Hova-Bator comes with a plastic bottom liner. This incubator delivers consistently good hatches. -Excellent for classrooms, novices, and experts -The 1588 can be set as low as 80 F. for use with reptiles -Soft-Air fan technology provides needed oxygen and refreshes air without forcing air directly on the eggs. -Includes a 12V DC power converter for both 110V AC and 220/240V AC (Works Internationally!!!!!) -Dimensions 18' x 18' x 9 1/2' -Holds 50 duck/chicken or 140 quail eggs without egg turner in place (41 with egg turner) -Includes liner and instructions Hova Bator Egg Turner (Model 1611) Comes with Universal size Egg Trays! The turner will automatically turn the eggs 6 times per day and comes complete with universal sized rails (chicken size) that will fit 41 eggs . It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe. IncuBright Egg Candler The Incu-Bright was designed with ease of use and affordability in mind. 6 super cool LED lights illuminate your eggs for easy viewing without cooking them. The soft rubber and plastic edges protect your eggs from damage and create a tight seal around the egg.

Please note: since the new and improved model comes with the thermometer hygrometer built in, this kit no longer needs an separate thermometer hygrometer (so the white unit shown in the picture is no longer included since it's no longer needed).

  • New and Improved Genesis 1588
  • Includes a built-in thermometer hygrometer digital display
  • Digital display of current temperature and humidity
  • Kit includes incubator, auto turner and egg candler
  • Quail rails are an optional accessory sold separately

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