Horse Gold Releases Super-Charged Equine Ulcer Prevention Supplement, Gastromax3™ Paste

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

Horse Gold, makers of hyper-effective equine supplements created by horsemen for horsemen, officially released Gastromax3™ paste, an affordable, once-a-day preventive anti-ulcer supplement for horses. Gastromax3™ paste is formulated to prevent debilitating ulcers using omeprazole, a protein pump inhibitor that blocks the production of acid, plus supplemental ingredients that magnify its preventive effects.

Between 70 percent and 94 percent of thoroughbred horses have gastric ulcerations, sometimes with side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, salivation, bruxism, poor coat quality, poor performance and decreased consumption of concentrates. Ulcers are a problem to a similar extent in sport horses. Gastromax3 paste provides an unprecedented prevention option for equine gastric ulcers to help horse owners deal with this ever-present challenge.

"Horse owners constantly battle ulcers in their animals, and we wanted to create a product that would stop ulcers before they cause pain and disrupt a horse's performance," said Dr. Scott Mangini of Horse Gold. "The feedback has been phenomenal. We are looking forward to working with trainers and horse owners everywhere to take on the challenge of equine ulcers."

Along with omeprazole, Gastromax3 contains the following two active ingredients:

Sodium acid carbonate: This gastric antacid neutralizes stomach acid to create a more favorable environment for the omeprazole, so more of the supplement can be absorbed into the small intestine to prevent equine ulcers.

L-glutamine: This ingredient stimulates the synthesis of certain mucoproteins. By increasing mucin, l-glutamine helps heal gastric ulceration, decrease inflammation, and increase early immune response, which helps minimize further damage.

Affordable, Convenient Equine Supplement

According to Dr. Mangini, Gastromax3 is the only product on the market that combines other ingredients to supercharge the preventive action of omeprazole. However, Gastromax3 costs as little as half the price of similar products. Because omeprazole reduces stomach secretions for a prolonged period, it's necessary to administer only one dose a day--much more convenient for owners and less annoying for horses. The gastric supplement is administered by oral dose syringe.

"The higher performance and lower price of Gastromax3 paste are a result of our dedication to fellow horsemen and horsewoman. We refused to stop working until we created an outstanding product," said Dr. Mangini."It's a win-win for everybody, including the horse. Preventing equine gastric ulcers is one of the best things you can do to improve the health and performance of your racehorse or pet."


In 2010, Horse Gold was launched by a group of expert horsemen, including a professional equine pharmacologist, to provide more affordable, more effective supplements for standardbred and thoroughbred trainers and horse owners. Horse Gold's priorities are the horse's health and the customer's satisfaction. Horse Gold products are available through local tack shops and distributors, including Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supplies, Pacesetter Tack and Supply, Horsemen's Tack Shoppe, Perry's Tack Shop, Hot to Trot Tack, Winners Circle Horse Supply, A Bit Above Tack, and Delaware Park Tack. To learn more about Horse Gold -- by horsemen for horsemen -- visit