HDE Digital Salt Water Aquarium pH Meter and LCD Thermometer w TDS Water Quality ppm Meter Pen

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A salt water aquarium can be the perfect centerpiece to any home. Colorful fish swimming, corals of all types growing and reaching for light, and invertebrates crawling and cleaning create an ecosystem of their own right in your home. However keeping something so beautiful and diverse is a tough task. With this 3 pack of pH meter, LCD thermometer, and TDS meter all guess work will be taken out and replaced with accurate, reliable measurements. Give your fish the comfort of swimming in correctly acclimated salt water, and watch the corals grow!

  • This digital pen style pH meter is an ideal instrument for testing and maintaining your aquarium
  • Excellent meter, very accurate and durable. Measuring pH Range: 0.0 - 14.0 pH. Resolution: 0.1 pH.
  • Thermometer has easy to apply suction cup and easy to read LCD screen; Temperature readings to within 0.1 degree
  • TDS meter measures total dissolved solids and temperature of any water; Measures 0-9990 parts per million
  • **Note: Calibration fluid is needed, but not included with this product