GOOBAT Adjustable Aquarium Titanium Heater 300W with Intelligent LED Temperature Display and Thermometer for 50-70 Gallon Tanks

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The 300 watt Titanium Heater incorporates the best technology and electrical components to date. The heating element is manufactured of pure titanium that will not crack like conventional glass heaters. With an adjustable remote controller and thermostat with LCD read out that makes setting and reading the temperature easy. The remote temperature probe ensures a consistent temperature throughout your whole aquarium.

* Titanium Heating Element
* Fully Submersible
* Adjustable Temperature Setting
* Easy To Read LCD Temperature
* Compact Design
* Remote Temperature Controller
* For Use In Fresh and Saltwater

* Heating Element Length: 12.6in/32cm
* Temperature range: 68-94°F
* Fits Aquarium Size: 50-60 Gallon
* Cord Length: 5.4ft
* Wattage: 300W

Temperature Status Screens
Red: Aquarium temperature is below set range, heating function will engage and increase temperature automatically.
Blue: Aquarium temperature is within desired set range, monitoring function is engaged.

Caution: The titanium heater is for main glass aquarium tank use only. Do not use the titanium heating tube in an acrylic sump tank (wet/dry trickle filter tank) of designed module tank.

  • Titanium Heating Element:This fully submersible aquarium heater is virtually unbreakable due to its titanium heating element construct.
  • Corrosion-proof : Made of high quality Titanium Alloy, double seal material and Insulation Teflon, providing explosion-proof, shatterproof, IP68 waterproof, scald-preventing and safe operation for you and your pets.
  • Easy To Read LCD Temperature and Remote Controller : The thermostat has an easy-to-read temperature indicator and the remote temperature controller makes it easy to adjust the temperature setting without getting your hands wet.
  • Over-temperatrue protection: Fish tank aquarium heating would automatically shut off the prower to avoid overheating and damage, keeping you pet fish healthy in time.
  • Temperature Range: 300W is perfect for 50-60 gallon fresh or saltwater aquariums system with heating temperature range 68-94°F.