Evursua No Mess Bird Feeder Free Install Tidy Seed Parrot Food Tube with Perch Cage Accessories for Budgerigar Canary Cockatiel Finch Parakeet

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Face to Face With a Finch - Protects bird seeds from rain and wind - Provides a sheltered platform for birds to perch - Not totally squirrel-proof, but nearly is with our guide - Entertains cats and kids for hours - Costs less than traditional, view blocking feeders - Mounts securely to any window

  • Size M:216MM×75MM×60MM Could load 400g seeds. Heavy duty arcylic boards molding in one no need to install for you as it is ready made. Never break,one mould transparent tube you can play with it face to face.
  • Perfect acrylic cage feeder for all small birds such as parakeets, Hyeonpung,starlings,mynah,lovebirds, cockatiels, canaries, small conures, and other similarly sized birds.
  • DIY feeding trough This feeder claimed "no scatter,no waste". It does away with scattered seeds and hulls. Your bird enters and eats, leaving hulls and uneaten seed behind in the trough like compartment below!
  • Easy to fix to bird's cage use one screw and one small arcylic piece only! It comes with clear acrylic bird perch that maks bird comfortable stands during food time.
  • Functions: 1. The separation of grain or seeds from the husks and bird shit prevent bird eatting shit; 2. Collect the husks at the small box of bottom to make room clean, 3. The feeder could stock seeds for around half a month or one month which depends on different birds.