Double Shower and Window Bird Parrot Perch

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This auction is for a pvc DOUBLE bird perch with suction cups. The bird perch is built in the shape of a T and can be used anywhere around the house. My bird perches are generally used in the shower or can be placed directly on glass. This perch is 1/2" in diamater. The perch measures 10" in length and 7" long and protrudes out about 9". Both the middle and bottom sections of the perch have 360 degree movement, making it easy for you to move each perch as needed. This perch is suitable for small and medium sized birds, The bird pictured on this perch is an eclectus parrot which is considered to be a medium sized bird. *IF YOU NEED ONE FOR A LARGER SIZED BIRD (3/4") JUST LET ME KNOW AND I WILL MAKE IT! NO TOXIC GLUES ARE EVER USED ON MY PERCHES! *My bird truly enjoys his perch! Not only will your bird get to enjoy hanging out with you in common areas such as the living room or office but he can even take part in your shower or bath! It is a tremendously easy way to spend time with your bird and strengthen your bond.

  • 2 perches
  • 3 high quality suction cups
  • Perch dissembles easily and is great for travel

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