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A well trained dog not only benefits the owner but also ensures the canine is armed with proper survival skills. There are various dog training methods
available ranging from use of body signs, voice, use of a clicker and using a dog whistle. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages but many
people would agree the whistle is the best. As a result of this many dog trainers increasingly prefer to use the whistle. Some of the advantages of using a
whistle are.

· The whistle can be used to communicate with the dog over a longer distance compared to the human voice. The dog whistle has a longer range and also is
not prone to some human elements like tiredness. After shouting commands to your dog the whole day you will get tired at some point or your voice becomes
hoarse and can't communicate with the dog when it is far away. The whistle on the other hand does not face this problem.

· A whistle gives a consistent tone and hence making the learning process faster and more efficient. By using your voice or hand signal you can't maintain
proper consistency because you cannot remember everything you do and exactly how you did it before.

· The whistle can also be used to complement other methods of dog training to make them more complex. For example shouting something to the dog then
followed by a whistle makes it more personal between the dog and the owner.

· Human beings cannot hear the sound made by silent dog whistles and hence they provide a less noisy but still very effective method of training
you dog. This is important especially if you live in a quiet area.

· The dog whistles have a very high frequency which grabs a dog's attention better compared to a human's voice.

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