Cushioned Window-mounted Cat Bed , Deluxe Model Cat Perch / Seat with Removeable Cushion and Insdustrial Suction Cup

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Cushioned window-Mounted cat bed , Deluxe Model cat perch/seat with removeable cushion and insdustrial suction cup ● A soft and warm cat bed with a view (main image) ● Washable cover and pad (photo show the reovable cusshion) ● Sturdy construction,Easily moveable Durable material (photo show all materials) ● Safe up to 50 pounds (photo show industrial suction cup) ● No permanent fixture No tools needed to install Strong frame and pad minimizes sagging ● Attractive design fits with any decor (photo of the box) ● Keeps cats off of other furniture ● Cats love it Technical Details Product size: 12 x 22 x 1.5 inches Shipping weight: 1 pound Happy Cat cushioned window bed is the perfect perch for our furry friends to catch a nap while keeping on eye on the world. Happy Cat securely attaches to nearly any window without tools while safely supporting up to fifty pounds. Quick to install and remove, Happy Cat cat bed can be placed high on a window or glass door for the ultimate vantage point or low for easy access that even a dog can enjoy. Happy Cat requires no window sill and no clunky hardware for attachment. The secret to Happy Cat's incredible load bearing capabilities lies within its superior quality, industrial strength suction cups and sleek, high-tensile support lines. With a 50 pound weight capacity and 12" x 22" surface area, many cats can share Happy Cat's comfortable sleeping pad. Sturdy design and ingenious construction couple to minimize sagging. Your cats can lounge close to you without the need for a cat house taking up valuable floor space. Removable, washable covers are easy to maintain with stylish and elegant fabric that will complement any decor. Enjoy a tidier house as your cats opt for a soft, warm bed in the sunshine instead of your furniture. Happy Cat is certain to keep your house full of happy cats for many years to come.

  • ●A soft and warm Window mounted cat bed with a view
  • ●Washable cover and pad , Removable soft fleece cushion
  • ●Sturdy construction,Easily moveable Durable material
  • ●Safe up to 50 pounds,No permanent fixture No tools needed to install Strong frame and pad minimizes sagging
  • ●Attractive design fits with any decor, Keeps cats off of other furniture

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