crystal-zoo Crystal Acrylic Herp Pet Cage Small Only

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Condition: 100% brand new
Material: acrylic sheet
Color: Clear
Dimensions: 4.33 * 4.33 * 4.33 inch
Thickness: 3 mm

Rugged, durable, completely transparent set
Provide your small pet with a safe environment to play
Convenient for ventilation and easy to observe the behavior of animals
Improved detachable design makes assembly easier and cleaning a breeze
Ideal for spider, scorpions and other small herp, insects or amphibians
Package Includes:
1 * Crystal Acrylic Herp Pet Cage Small Only

1. Cage only, no other supplies inside, but you can buy them from us together with this cage

  • 1. Air holes by design
  • 2. Easy to install, easy to clean
  • 3. Dimensions: About 4.33 * 4.33 * 4.33 inch
  • 4. The imported acrylic, safe non-toxic, lets in light as high as 92% and above
  • 5. Before installing, remove the protective film, install the product according to the instructions