Colorful Bird Ladder Bridge by SunGrow – Helps Birds with Balance: Bright, Durable & flexible: Made with Natural wood & edible dye : Easy Installation: Ideal Exercise & Fun accessory for All Birds

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Whether your beloved pet bird is a parrot, finch, African grey or cockatoo, it will love the fun & functional SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds. Hand crafted with a safe cotton blend material, the flexible iron wire on the interior is sturdy and bendable while the exterior is soft and gentle on your bird's sensitive talons. Many species of birds are fairly intelligent and get bored easily; the spiral design of the SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy keeps your pet bird entertained as he walks up, down and around the unique shape.

Use as a spiral climbing rope, twisted chew toy or comfortable curved roosting place; the SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy is attractive, convenient and versatile. A dainty bell dangles and jingles from the bottom of the rope perch and chew toy, just loud enough to pique your pet's curiosity, but quiet enough not to be annoying. Provide your adored pet bird or birds with a relaxing spot to roost and rest, entertaining exercise tool and durable pecking place with the extraordinary SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds.

  • DEVELOP BIRDS BALANCE--- The hanging rope ladder bridge encourages birds to climb, play and hop from rung to rung. This will help develop their balance abilities and achieve optimal foot health.
  • BRIGHT AND VIBRANT COLORS--- The wooden beads are each dyed with pet safe edible dyes in a multitude of vibrant colors. The fancy bright colors make the ladder much more attractive for your little feathered friends.
  • MADE FROM NATURAL WOOD---The stairs and all beads of this bird ladder are made from 100% natural wood, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Your birds will enjoy the feel of a natural perch.
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE--- Each rung and beads of the bird ladder are connected by a sturdy steel wire. This wire is extremely strong, durable and flexible. It allows for easy hanging across the cage.
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM BIRDS--- This 19.6 inch long hanging bird ladder is ideal for small to medium birds. Whether you own a parakeet, cockatoo, macaw, budgie or parrot, your bird will enjoy hours of fun and physical play.

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