Cold Weather Pet Clothing and Pet Care Tips

Even the indoor pet in your family will need to venture outdoors occasionally during times of cold weather. Take precautions and use the tips below to prepare your dog or cat for winter weather.

For always outdoor pets:

Feed your outside pet more food in the winter months. Animals put on extra body fat in the colder months to produce more body heat.

Your pets’ living quarters should be dry, insulated, and as wind proof as possible without restricting access. Wind chill is a deadly enemy. Newspaper or cardboard make a nice layer of extra insulation.

Keep your pets water from freezing. Your pet still needs water in the winter and if their water is frozen, they might try eating snow or worse, find something that looks to be water called anti-freeze which will surely kill them. Search the internet to find a method that works for you. Don’t use metal bowls that their tongues could stick to.

Check on your pet often. If you see ice or snow sticking to them, make adjustments to give them a warmer and dryer living space. Consider installing a pet door on your garage or storage shed. For you outdoor cat owners, honk your horn before starting that vehicle. Cats will find your car’s engine compartment a nice warm place to sleep.

For the pets that go outside on occasion:

Consider purchasing several items of dog clothing for your pet. Clothes for dogs and cats are becoming more and more popular. Pet clothing stores offer dog shirts, dog sweater, and dog coats to help keep your dog warm. If you have a smaller breed, a collection of cute dog clothes including dog hoodies for winter can be a fashionable and practical investment for your priceless pet.

Extreme cold can lead to frostbite, especially on the shorthair breeds. Check them for symptoms often. If any icy build up is present, give your pet a nice warm bath or use a warm damp cloth to remove the ice. Consider outfitting your pet with booties that will keep those precious paws warm and dry.

Don’t allow them to eat snow. I can contain dangerous objects and/or chemicals.

Use pet clothing, like dog coats or dog sweaters:

Consider purchasing a couple of dog sweaters or dog coats for your pet this winter. Pet clothing is not just for playing dress up with your pet. Dog clothes will help your pet maintain body heat. The large variety of cute dog clothes offered by most pet clothing stores usually include dog shirts, dog or cat bandanas, and designer dog collars, dog leashes, and harnesses. The styles of dog clothes are becoming more trendy and casual. Cute dog clothes with cool screen print and rhinestone designs are becoming more and more popular in the pet clothing industry and with consumers worldwide. Clothes for dogs belonging to the younger generations are also popping up everywhere. With a dual purpose of protecting your pet during cold weather and making them look cute and cool, you really can’t go wrong.

Dogs and cats are actually much tougher than us when it comes to braving the cold, but with very little effort you can make your pet much more comfortable this winter. Use the tips listed above, along with your own, to protect your pet during cold weather. They will love you for it.