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Chicken & Quail Brooder Chick Cage - Comfort plast Series Maxi model One Storey Chicken & Quail Brooder Chick Cages --- First in Turkey, FIRST IN THE WORLD ... Design: Veterinarians, zoo technicians, academics The patented design, first in the world ... - Maxi model One Level Chick Cage Technical Specifications: Chick Capacity: Chicken - duck chick 45-50 pieces Quail chicks 90-100 units Partridge - Sullen chick 70-80 pieces Turkey - Goose chick 30-35 pieceschick Cage Structure: High energy saving with closed form Maximum daylight for chicks with semi transparent layer design All in plastic construction with high fertilizer and heat resistance Easy to clean, high hygiene standards Natural air inlet-outlet holes along the cage Integrated non-woven ground structure 3 pieces Chick base With lockable block wheels, ease of movement With all demount shipment, relatively low shipping cost Easy and fun installation with assembly guide. Heating: 1 Automatic Heating Module features; Cage-independent module design Anodized aluminum stainless module shell Protection grilles that prevent the chicks from touching the heater 220V AC operating voltage 125 w stainless heater 0-40 C Automatic temperature control with adjustable thermostat 1 holder for the E 27 bulb (light bulbs are not in the package for safety reasons) Open-close button Temperature-insensitive, bulb guards Individual insurance protection for each floor Feeding: Plastic feeder along the floor Easy cleaning with integrated feed structure Feeding Grill that prevents chicks escape High feed efficiency with feed grill preventing feed spread 3 pieces, grilled chick feed container Irrigation: 8 lt capacity water tank Irrigation with nipple-cap automatic irrigation system Chick longitudinal gore height adjustment with adjustable hanger 2 pieces, for chicks, initial water container.

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