San Francisco Bay Brand healthy herp frozen aquatic turtle diet adult formula is formulated with whole fresh ingredients, which provide an excellent mix of animal and plant proteins, vitamins and calcium. It helps to maintain healthy bones and...

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A 100 count of small sized Dubia roaches for reptile feeding. Dubia roaches provide the perfect balance of nutrition and affordability. Dubia roaches are the preferred feeder insect for serious reptile breeders and reptile owners. Feeding one...

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This attractive Rain Forest scene really helps to complete your reptile's habitat. Printed on 90 lb. stock using UV-resistant inks and designed to fit the rectangular proportions common in most reptile cages. Actual image is 15-3/4" x 36" printed...

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Zoo Meds most popular Clamp Lamp fixture is available in three sizes: 5 1/2(14cm) 8 1/2"(22cm) or 10"(25cm) diameter domes. Made of heavy gauge painted aluminum. All three models have a ceramic socket and can be used with the Clamp Lamp Safety...

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The Exo Terra Mini Fogger generates a cold mist in all types of terrariums. The Exo Terra Mini Fogger is ideal for increasing and maintaining humidity levels and creating a natural misty and damp environment. This natural, misty environment is an...

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The Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Terrarium Heat Lamp emits infrared heatwaves and is a typical heating lamp. Heat is important for reptiles, as it is essential for their activity and digestion. The red glass transmits infrared waves produced by the...

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Eco Earth® Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate is a product made from the husks of coconuts and can be safely composted or recycled into potted plants or gardens. Add Eco Earth® loose coconut fiber substrate on top of Zoo Meds HydroBalls® to create...

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The excitement of metamorphosis as you watch it change shape everyday. Kit includes: Nutri-Rocks, Vitamin-rich growth food, Fun 'n' Fact Handbook, Coupon for one Plex-Aquarium and one Grow-A-Frog tadpole. IMPORTANT: Aquarium and Tadpole are sent...

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At last, a natural long-stem fiber diet for Tortoises. Zoo Med is proud to announce the Natural Grassland Tortoise Food and the Natural Forest Tortoise Food. These new formulas contain long-stem fibers an important part of Tortoises natural diet....

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