Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits Ascorbic acid method ±0.04 ppm ±4% of reading accuracy Large, easy to read digits Auto shut off Dedicated to a single parameter Designed to work with HANNA's reagents ...

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Easy-to-use, fast dissolving powder that automatically sets and stabilizes pH while neutralizing chlorine and detoxifying heavy metals. Contains aloe vera and electrolytes to reduce fish stress. Use when setting up aquarium or changing...

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Introducing the Turtle meter, the first Baby Bath Thermometer built into a fun and safe Turtle Bath Toy. The Turtle meter activates instantly in water with no annoying buttons or switches. The Turtle meter dynamically calculates the bath water...

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PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe is designed especially with your purpose in mind. It features long, continuous duty expectancy, fast response and, most importantly, is non-toxic to your system. Each probe features a 10 foot cable with a high...

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Neptune systems standard grade ORP probe. The most successful aquariums are those where the owner has the most understanding of what is going in their little world-in-a-glass-box. However, the real key to enjoying this hobby is to do that without...

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Feed your fish consistently, and safely, while you are home or away! a key component of caring for aquatic animals is regularly providing them with food, but in amounts that get consumed immediately so as not to pollute the aquarium. On top of...

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This dual scale salinity refractometer is used to measure, monitor and control the concentration of salt water and brine, especially useful for aquarium and marine applications. This high quality refractometer measures on 2 scales, Specific...

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Dr.Meter® pH Meter This pH meter is the perfect device for testing the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It comes with a carrying case and small screwdriver for calibration. It is easy to use - simply remove the protective cap and immerse the...

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The thermometer has an easy to read LCD display and is small and compact for discrete use. Attach the display unit to the outside of the tank using the suction cups and submerge the probe into the water in the tank. The thermometer is accurate...

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