Add some color and excitement to your aquarium with Red Cherry Shrimp! These shrimp look great, clean your tank, and are a blast to watch! They are very active and breed very quickly. Each bag contains at least 5 Cherry Shrimp, but I usually ship...

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Salt-Water Aquarium Fishes http://www.pandptropicalfish.com P & P Tropical Fish 5020 Ball Rd. Cypress, California (714) 828-3872 Clean and well stocked fish store, with knowledgeable staff, clean tanks with...

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Like Mystery Snails, but can't decide which color to order? This is the combo pack for you! This order includes 3 different colors of mystery snails - golden, blue, and black/purple. These large and striking snails are great for adding some color...

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Assassin snails are one of the most useful animals in the aquarium hobby. I came across them when I had snail infested tanks, but did not want to use harsh chemicals to kill the snails. 5 assassin snails will destroy a pest snail population very...

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Hermit Crabs will benefit from a dish of salt water in addition to their fresh water supply. This conditioner adds natural sea salt as well as calcium in addition to removing chlorine and chloramines. Adds calciumAids in moultingHardens crabs...

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One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, instantly working to prevent new tank syndrome by establishing a biological filter in your newly set-up aquarium. Use when setting up a new tank, after a disease treatment or...

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This package was put together to aid in the prevention of nuisance algaes such as cyanobacteria and film that tend to blanket a sand bed in the reef aquarium. The inverts included in this package will sift the sand and help maintain the overall...

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