The Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light last longer and is more energy efficient than standard T8 Fluorescent lighting. One Day White LED is included, expansion slots for two additional easy-to-install LED lampsPlug and play connections are...

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Phoenix 150 Watt Metal Halide HQI 14000K DE Bulb, this is a Double Ended Metal Halide bulb with a light output that has a nice crisp white light with a bluish tint perfect for saltwater applications Great for bringing out the coloration of your...

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IT'S SLEEK. STYLISH. SKKYE LIGHT. The new stylishly slim aluminum arm is sure to turn heads with its low 3mm thickness and robust light output. The perfect choice for any rimless aquarium with a thickness of 9mm or less and offered with daylight...

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By combining the industry's first Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic LED spectrums with our innovative Ramp Timer Pro LED controller, Current USA offers a complete 24 hour aquarium lighting solution. Now you can simulate a gradual sunrise, sunset and...

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The Euphotica Lite is designed to suit every marine aquarist's lighting needs. Offering functions such as adjustable lighting channels, ultraviolet LED to promote color saturation, advance hanging kit, and many more... The Euphotica Lite is...

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Any reef aquarium that contains less than 15 gallons of water is considered a nano-reef aquarium. These tiny ecosystems are almost as popular in the fish keeping community as full-size marine aquarium setups and, with the proper information and...

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AquaIllumination User Guide Growth This is the reason you started the tank in the first place, to see your Corals grow and flourish in a pristine environment. The AI Sol has a proven track record since it was first introduced in 2007 and users...

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This Contemporary Ultra Slim designed LED fixture features a series of LEDs to promote Marine Refugium & Freshwater growth. Unlike the Ray II which incorporates multiple High Output LEDS pinched together for high light output, the FugeRay features...

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Use for Aquariums or Indoor Gardening Easily Adjustable & Secure (Light Fixture not Included with Fixture Hangers)View larger Universal Aquarium Light Fixture Hangers Extending Arms allow suspension of light fixtures over aquariums up to 30...

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