The AquaClear Power Filter represents one of the most versatile hang-on filter systems available. The five models available provide a complete selection of flow rates for the most popular sizes of aquariums. The filter’s unique design allows...

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One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, instantly working to prevent new tank syndrome by establishing a biological filter in your newly set-up aquarium. Use when setting up a new tank, after a disease treatment or...

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NP-active pearls are a unique and natural way to control nitrate and phosphate in all aquaria. Made in USA NP-active pearls act both as a carbon source and medium for beneficial bacteria. As the bacteria consume NP-active pearls they remove...

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Lee's Original Undergravel Filters are made to be a trouble-free design. Made of special quality plastic which resists splitting and crackingAlso has optional flow-thru set-up for use with a power headSize: 12-inch by...

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A refugium can be used for something as simple as just increasing your water volume or it can enhance your tank` performance and stability in many, many ways. It is a miniature ecosystem attached to your main tank often housing isolated...

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AQUA-Tech EZ-Change Filter Cartridges are color-coded for fast and easy selection. These cartridges contain AQUA-Tech premium Activated Carbon for maximum filtration and require no messy assembly—simply change in seconds by shaking and rinsing....

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Cobalt E-X-T 800 in line utility pump's unique design can be installed internally or externally. It can be positioned to push or pull water through your system, allowing complete flexibility on any aquarium, terrarium or vivarium setup. Includes...

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A202 Size: 25 Gallon (Fluval 106) Features: -External filter. -Offers multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh and saltwater aquariums. -Sound dampening impeller design for a quieter operation. -Equipped with a clog proof intake strainer and a...

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