inTank aquarium-specific designed Fuge Baskets help improve the natural filtration of your aquarium while making maintenance extremely easy.  Fuge short for refugium, allows you to house macro algae or biological filtration media in a rear...

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Specification: Voltage: 110-120 V 60 Hz Power: 300 W DIMENSIONS: Length: 13.75" Diameter: 0.85" Length of power cord: 2.9 Feet INCLUDES: 2 x 300 W Aquarium Heater Fully submersible heaters work in any position (horizontal or vertical) to provide...

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API ALGAE PAD FOR ACRYLIC AQUARIUMS quickly removes unsightly algae from acrylic aquariums. ALGAE PAD uses a durable scrubbing pad with hand-held control to clean nooks and crannies. Not for use on dry surfaces; rinse pad with tap water before and...

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The Penn Plax Cascade Hang On Aquarium Filter features a revolutionary Bio-Falls Quad Filtration System to keep your tank clean and healthy. The polyfiber floss cartridge traps floating particulate matter while the activated carbon cartridge...

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Introducing Aqua top's HTG Series of fully submersible glass heaters with thermostat control. The HTG Series offers a compact design for versatile placement and is extra durable due to the built-in glass element. The thermostat control makes it...

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This Radius Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit holds 7.5 Gallons and sits on your desktop. Penn Plax Inc. has been in the business of making quality and innovative pet products for over 50 years. Includes 10 led lightCascade internal filter7.5...

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Alternating water currents created by the pumps and powerheads plugged into natural wave wave maker mimic actual wave patterns in the ocean, stimulating live corals and providing a more realistic aquatic environment. Varying water circulation can...

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Designed with a new electronic thermostat for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater 300 Watt is fully submersible, shatter resistant, with accurate and reliable heating. Additionally, there is an adjustable heat...

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The integrated 24-hour timer makes it easy to control the three independent channels: Bright white, sparkling blue and color enhancing LEDs for maximum beauty. Each BioCube also includes automatic 30 minute sunrise/sunset and 60 minute...

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