The Litter Robot is the automatic, self cleaning litter box for cats 'that really works'. When your cat enters the litter chamber (globe) a weight activated sensor detects the presence of your cat. After 7 minutes a clean cycle starts with the...

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Fresh Step Premium Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter Multiple Cat StrengthHow does the carbon work?The carbon helps eliminate odors on contact, so odors are neutralized before they leave the box.Carbon is used as a freshening ingredient in many...

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Puppy Go Here Dog Litter Pan Designed just for dogs.Great alternative for working families, or apartment living.Helps to avoid accidents: the puppy always has a place to go, when you can't take them out.Choice of pan based on the size of your...

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Nature's miracle high sided litter box is designed for larger cats or multicat households. The box has high sides to prevent litter from scattering, and a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. Antimicrobial product protectionHigh sides to prevent...

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Our Cleanstep is one of the largest covered cat boxes available. The unique design with steps helps remove tracked litter from your cat's paws. Comes with a free filter and liner in each box. Measures 21 by 21 inches (height by diameter)Covered...

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Arm and Hammer fresh scent refill waste bags for dispensers make an unpleasant yet necessary task even easier. These disposable waste bags provide natural odor control with activated baking soda and also have a fresh scent. These easy-to-load...

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Pureness large drawstring valu-pak cat pan liners. Made from 65-percent recycled plastic. 3 ply no tear technology. Fits pans up to 19-inch by 15-inch, 20-count. Large drawstring linerMade from 65-percent recycled plastic20-Count per...

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The IRIS Open Top Litter Pan with Shield makes cleaning up after your cat a snap. This litter Box has a removable litter shield to prevent litter spray. The open top design offers easy accessibility and cleaning while the side and back shields are...

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Its forward-thinking design divides and conquers with separate compartments for liquid and solid waste to control odor and make maintenance, well, a Breeze because your cats' litter should be designed around your lifestyle, not the other way...

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