Calming Collar has sustained-release pheromones proven to modify behavior. Recommended for problems such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive behavior and inappropriate marking. Lasts up to 30 days. Dog Calming CollarPheromone...

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Similar to swaddling a newborn baby, gently wrapping a cat in a Calm Cat has a peaceful effect that is beneficial for both you and your cat. Our patent pending design gently hugs your cat, much like hugging a child. The kindest way to ease your...

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As per customer's review and feedback , Advantage version's sensitivity is too high,also with other defects,So we improve Petiner advantage version toi meet some clients' requirement. The time you spend with your pet is precious, and you love...

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The Existing Fence Conversion System's revolutionary Cat-ProoferTM extensions makes it easy and affordable to convert most any 5' or 6' fence (or wall) into a cat-proof barrier. NEW - Use the Conversion System for Shorter Fences to cat-proof...

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X-Mat 18-Inch Original Pet Training Mat-Firm. Made in the USA. Recommended by professional pet trainers to help keep your animals off furniture and tables. The pointy nubs deter pets. Use on any of the following to keep it a pet-free zone: Sofas,...

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Help keep cat's off or out of unwanted areas with Sticky Paws transparent sticky tape designed with a tactile feel cats avoid. Sticky Paws also helps control inappropriate elimination. This tape is medical grade adhesive and safe for pets and most...

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Electronic mat automatically trains pets to stay off of or away from any area in your home About the Battery Operated ScatMat Help your cat or dog learn good house manners by keeping them off furniture and counters or out of selected rooms....

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SENTRY Calming Spray for Dogs From a nervous Newfoundland to a destructive Dachshund, this pheromone Calming Spray can help! Ah … relaxation for you and your pooch. View larger View larger The patented pheromone naturally calms dogs in...

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Make sure your cat behaves as if you were standing right there. The PetSafe Wireless Indoor Cat Barrier is safe, easy to set up and very effective. Just place the small, disk-shaped transmitter (about the size of a Frisbee) near the area you want...

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