Tarzana, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2008

Aroma Paws, a manufacturer of chemical free dog grooming products, debuts its extensive line of all natural luxury dog and pet products, including Luxury Dog Shampoo and Conditioner in 8 amazing fragrances. This all natural, chemical free line of dog grooming supplies has already received rave reviews in sample test marketing.

The signature products in the line are the chemical free Luxury Dog Shampoo & Conditioner and the Deodorizing Coat Spray. Both products are made from all natural ingredients and are available in Honeysuckle Jasmine Violet, a French Lavender Chamomile Blend, Mandarin Green Tea with Ginger, Geranium Orchid Peony Sage, and many other fragrances that are sure to please both dog's and their caretakers.

Aroma Paws considers their product line "eco-friendly essentials", and shies away from using the word "spa" in their products. "Frankly, though the products are amazing and indulgent, we don't want to consider this a treat. Using safer, more earth conscious products on ourselves and our animals needs to be a way of life," says Joe Guzman, the firms President. "We've found a way to bring the spa experience home with the rich fragrances from essential oils, combined in an exciting new way."

One of Aroma Paws best attributes is the sheer amount of products that they carry. From Luxury Dog Shampoo & Conditioner, Deodorizing Coat Spray, A Paw Conditioning Treatment, & 100% Vegan Fur Conditioning Treatment to all natural soy wax candles and Pawfume: Organic Dog Perfume for "Diva Doggies."

With so many grooming product companies closing their doors, Aroma Paws saw a gap in the market, a gap that needed to be filled. Partner and chief creative designer Crystalyn Guzman says: "Our goal is to provide consumers an eco-friendly alternative to the highly processed chemical based shampoos and grooming aids that are available in all of the mass merchandise stores. It would be a shame if people couldn't find safe, natural and eco-friendly products to use on their "furry babies."

Aroma Paws is committed to donating a percentage of its proceeds to worthwhile causes, so they set up a Charity Submission Form on their website. Worthwhile organizations can submit their cause or event and be considered for donations of funds or product. "This is our way of helping the smaller "grass roots" charities in our communities that many times need the most help.

More information can be found at http://www.aromapaws.com or by calling 1-888-AROMA-90.

Our passion for dogs can sometimes go to the extreme. We treat our pet like it was our own baby, not to mention the love we feel for newly born puppies. Is this just a case of "man's best friend"? Or is it something greater?

We'll let you be the judge of that.

Dogs are just so cute that some dog owners go to the extent of calling their pets "sweetie". Others call their dogs their "kids," or "babies."

Dog lovers are limitless in the terms of affection they can come up with for their pets. It is even common to see pets that look like their owners, and vice versa. This is probably just another sign of our love for them.

Dogs give unconditional love to their owners. This is a characteristic of all dog breeds. A lot of dog lovers return this love in the form of dog gifts. And the selection of dog gifts appear in all shapes, varieties, and sizes.

There is a wide selections of dog gifts. There are dog baskets, dog books, dog collars, dog crates, dog clothes, food, dog accessories, medicines, vitamin supplements, just to name a few.

Dog gifts can be any dog related item, from dog toys to dog supplies and to a program in dog training. Whatever the giver can imagine.

A common misconception among gift givers is that dog gifts are gifts for pet lovers or the owners themselves. In most instances, they are not. They are for the dog. But in a way, they benefit the dog owner by saving him or her from the expenses he/she would have incurred buying the items.

Dog books are great gifts, generally given to new pet owners. Normally, they contain details pertaining to dog breeds, guidelines in taking care of dogs, nutritional details on the specific breed, methods of dog grooming, tips, and everything in between.

Dog toys may be given as gifts as well. Like children, dogs are fond of playing. In fact, quite a number of breeds are recognized for their playfulness -- some are born ball chasers.

Obviously, in giving toys as dog gifts, you must be careful not to get a toy that could potentially harm the pet. It is wise that you choose those toys that are primarily made of vinyl or latex materials.

Also, avoid those that can be torn in smaller pieces, as they may stick in the dog's throat. One toy you can get is cheap tube of balls, but they must be large enough that they won't fit into the animal's mouth. Or it can be an old sack, or better yet, the sneakers that he likes to chew.

As these examples show, you need not always buy a gift made specifically for dogs. But if you choose to, there are many dog websites that can provide you with a good selection of products. Furthermore, you can also buy from a local pet shop.

Moreover, if you cannot choose a dog gift yourself you have the option of giving the dog owner a gift certificate. This is an ideal way of giving a gift, because in this way you are giving the owner the chance to decide on the gift he thinks would be best for his pet.

Fishers, IN (Vocus) July 1, 2009

Four Leg Identity announced today that it is now offering free ground shipping on all orders over $100. This offer is good for deliveries in the continental USA only. In conjunction with free shipping, Four Leg Identity is also offering a Free Gift with Purchase event and 10% off all orders placed online at Fourlegidentity.com.

Here’s the news, Create an Identity for your pet and Save on Everything… from Dog Beds, to Dog Collars, to Cat Furniture and MORE during Customer Appreciation Month at Four Leg Identity.com. Additionally, Sign up for the Free Newsletter and receive coupons, new product announcements and articles on important topics like dog training and canine health:

  • Receive 10% off Entire purchase, Enter Coupon Code at checkout : fourlegfriend the entire Month of July.
  • Free Ground / Domestic shipping on orders over $100.00 *
  • Free Gift ((Bon Ton, Sporty) on All purchases made the entire Month of July.
  • No Tax, except for Indiana customers (sorry, it’s the law).
  • 30 day returns, No restocking fees.

“We value our customers and appreciate their support” says, Linda Niemiec, co-founder of Four Leg Identity.com. “We wouldn’t be here without them, therefore in appreciation of their ongoing support, we’re excited to pass on savings, such as Free Shipping, a Free Gift with purchase and 10% off. Regardless the size of order, we want to thank our customers with discounts and gifts. In an ongoing effort to give our customers the information and products they ask for, we’re also

Four Leg Identity is fast becoming a popular location to find all your Couture Pet products online and in appreciation of the support they’ve received, they’re extending several offers the entire month of July. Four Leg Identity has recognized that Dog Beds, Cat Furniture, Dog Collars and Pet Leashes are essential in creating an Identity for you and your pet, therefore, they’ve created an outlet for you (the pet owner) to easily navigate and locate the ‘perfect’ piece to compliment and enhance any style.

About Four Leg Identity

Four Leg Identity, an Indiana based, website-only pet product retailer, launched their site in January of 2009 out of a passion to give pet owners and their pets a sense of identity. Ironically, the concept started when the mother / daughter team was trying to comprehend the ‘big pet store’ mentality (typical rubbish that caters to the bargain shopper) while comparing that to the ‘boutique pet stores’ that are hard to find and do not necessarily carry the right size or color for that matter. In shopping for their own pets, they became discouraged and bored with the selections, therefore started researching pet designers, pet fashion and quality pet manufacturers to offer unique products to their dogs. While doing their due diligence and uncovering an amazing selection of pet products they felt the need to share their findings and realized the enormous need among passionate pet owners to give other pets an identity they deserve. Therefore, Four Leg Identity has evolved offering dogs, cats and their owners, high quality, unique and fashion forward dog beds, dog collars, dog clothes, pet grooming products and so much more. For more information and a shopping experience, please visit fourlegidentity.com and http://www.fourlegidentity-blog.com

Media Inquiries :

Kari Raderstorf

Four Leg Identity

317 750 6029

Yorba Linda, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2006

Shopping for your dog or cat has become much easier now that you can purchase high quality pet products from the comfort of your home or office. Some of the best petsupply companies, like PetSupplyFactory.com have gone online and are now offering factory direct pricing. Simply by logging on to their website, you can view all of the high quality products they offer for dogs and cats, select the products you wish to order for your dog or cat and have it shipped to your home or office. At PetSupplyFactory.com, you will find all kinds of high quality products that are required for the care and training of your dog or cat. They offer a variety of Dog crates, dog beds, cat beds, dog collars, dog leashes, cat collars, cat leashes, cat furniture, scratching post, exercise pens, dog cages, cat condos, cat towers, dog treats, cat treats and many other items that your dog or cat might need.

PetSupplyFactory.com offers a wide variety of quality dog and cat beds. These dog and cat beds are not just great looking but are made of the highest quality materials available and designed to provide your dog or cat with maximum comfort. There are many dog and cat beds to choose from at petsupplyfactory.com with a wide range of colors to choose from as well. The most popular dog beds available from petsupplyfactory.com are dog donut beds and dog or cat loungers. These beds come in many sizes for your dog or cat and provide the ultimate in levels of comfort.

PetSupplyFactory.com is the best place to search for durable dog crates and exercise pens. The dog crates and exercise pens are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size dog or breed of dog. All petsupplyfactory.com dog crates come with a free divider panel that allows the dog cage to grow as your dog grows. Petsupplyfactory.com also has three varieties of crate mats available for your dog crate that adds extra comfort for your dog when he or she is relaxing in their cage. Dog crates and pens are mainly used for the training of dogs in their early stages of growth but can also be used for containment for other animals.

At PetSupplyFactory.com, you can also check out the large variety of high quality dog and cat collars and leashes. These dog and cat collars and leads are made of the highest quality nylon and hardware available. These dog and cat collars come in a variety of bright colors and patterns that will make your cat or dog look very stylish when walking or lounging. Some of the styles of cat and dog collars and leads available from petsupplyfactory.com are the very comfortable martingale training collars, durable double ply dog collars and leads, training collars and leads, adjustable collars and leads, cat safety collars, step in harness’s, adjustable harness’s, cat harness’s and belt loop collars. Petsupplyfactory.com carries what ever type of dog or cat collar or lead you are looking for and if they don’t they would be happy to make it for you. They are the manufacturer of all their products and provide O.E.M. for many customers.

Before you shop online for your dog or cat care products you should always compare the price and quality of the product you are purchasing. At pet supplyfactory.com they are the manufacturer of all the dog and cat care products they provide. All of these products come with a manufacturers warranty and on many of the dog and cat products free shipping. If you want great customer service and want to purchase your dog or cat products factory direct store or distributors mark ups than petsupplyfactory.com is the place for you and your best friend to shop.

(PRWEB UK) 20 April 2012

Pet supplies e-tailer Easy Animal has signed an exclusive UK distribution deal with US dog bed designer and manufacturer Molly Mutt.

The Molly Mutt eco friendly dog duvet was an instant hit stateside when it launched in 2009. It was designed by co-owner Molly Mundt for her use with her own three dogs at home in California. Molly Mutt is a revolutionary dog duvet & stuff sack (patent pending). The concept is simple. Fill the duvet with your old blankets and clothes to make a durable bed. The duvet will be an instant hit with a dog as the bed smells of its owner. The duvet is made from pre shrunk 100% cotton canvas and it’s fully zippered to make it easy to remove and refill for washing.

Easy Animal owner Tim Berrisford said: “We’re extremely pleased to secure the deal to be the sole UK distributor for Molly Mutt dog duvets. We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative new products to extend our range and improve customer choice. We’re proud to take on this particular new product as its fits so well with the Easy Animal ethos. It’s stylish, practical, valuable, environmentally sound and affordable."

The Molly Mutt is a great way to recycle old clothes and household fabric items and ticks every box for the eco friendly pet owner. Molly Mutt eco dog beds have just been exhibited at the PATS pet trade show at Sandown Park and the response was excellent, the great plus with these dog beds are that they are not shipping containers of foam over from china which significantly saves the planet and also they don't take up a lot of space in a retail unit so retailers love the concept.

Further details are available from http://www.mollymutt.co.uk or by contacting Easy Animal on 01785 819507, at this time they are actively seeking new retail outlets.

Is there evidence that feeding birds in your backyard will lead to bird death? Some think that once birds rely on your feed, they will not be capable of gaining their own food, especially during hard times such as winter.

Some feel that birds will rely on the food provided by you and that they will lose their ability to find their own food. Other experts think that our feathered friends are much more resilient and will discover new sources of food if the feeder repeatedly is empty and they can't support themselves or their young.

As reported in Bird Watcher's Digest, researchers Margaret Brittingham and Stanley Temple found that black-capped chickadees take, on average, only 20-25% of their winter food requirements from feeders. But, they also demonstrated a significant correlation between an individual bird's ability to survive the winter and the use of bird feeders.

Evidence shows that aves that eat food provided by humans through feeders had an annual (not just winter) survival rate that is 8% higher (up to 95% from 87%) than those birds that don't eat food provided by humans. For winter (as opposed to month-to-month), 69% of the feeder using birds survived the winter where only 37% of wild non-feeder using birds survived the winter.

If more wild birds survive the winter when we feed them, what are the implications? In simple terms, it means that without our help, a higher number of birds fail to survive the winter. If we help, more birds will survive. Curiously, even though our food supply will decrease the winter death rate, our avian friends will not completely rely on us. If your bird feeders are consistently empty, these amazing animals will almost always take flight to find another source of food on their own. You will also notice that in the spring, when food abounds, the birds are not as active at the feeders as they are in the winter when food is harder to find.

We can only suspect that different birds, like people, have different levels of dependence. However, the truth is that our avian friends will adapt. If one fails to continue a consistent feeding program, the birds will adapt and search for food.

I recommend that if you start a bird feeding program, stay consistent. It is best if you fill the feeders at the same time every day or whatever interval you need and ensure that the feeders do not stay empty for extended periods. For really great public information about bird feeding, go to

Also, if you plan to go on vacation or holiday, plan for your absence. If you will be gone for a short time (a few days), overfill your feeder and spread some on the ground around trees or bushes near your feeders. If you are going to be gone for an extended time, ask your friends, neighbors, or relatives to check and fill your feeders on a consistent basis.

As for winter feeding, it is more serious. Some bird populations may not migrate to areas of higher food availability if there is a reliable source near their summer habitats. Thus, if you feed birds on a consistent basis over the spring and summer, it is important that you are extremely consistent in the winter, when some species may rely on your food to survive.

To make a long story short, it is better for survival rates if you feed wild birds in your yard. But if you decide to feed them, it is ideal if you are consistent in your feeding.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 31, 2011

Windy City Parrot, Inc has been serving bird enthusiasts since 1993. Web shoppers will now earn rewards of free bird food shipped free simply by shopping on WindyCityParrot.com.

Windy City Parrot's new free bird food rewards program was driven by the need to help parrot and bird owners reduce the cost of pet maintenance and care. The challenge of addressing the nutritional needs of more than 350 species of exotic birds and parrots is great enough. Selecting proper bird food blends is especially difficult when household budgets are tight.

WindyCityparrot.com has always offered a rewards program where web shoppers would earn points with every order. These points would be redeemed at checkout thus necessitating an order to be placed for point redemption.

According to Catherine Tobsing, president of Windy City Parrot, "our best selling categories are bird food, food for parrots and bird treats and supplements. Supplying our customers with a bag or two of bird food at no charge without placing a paid order will help everyone care for their pet bird(s) in this down economy."

The free bird food rewards program is simple. For every dollar spent on windycityparrot.com, a customer will earn one point. Redemption for as few as 25 points will net a Higgins Gourmet Bird Treat Stick. A Worldly Cuisines Higgins Cook Cool and Serve 13 oz Inca Bean Salad Gourmet Bird Food will cost 120 points. 473 points earned from a bird cage purchase can be redeemed for a 3.25 pound tub of Lafeber's Nutri-Berries Parrot Food as another example.

"We've tried to make this as user-friendly and affordable as possible," according to Catherine. No paid order need to be placed for customers in the Continental US. Rewarded bird food will be shipped at no charge whatsoever.

For orders shipped outside of the Continual US, WindyCityParrot.com will ship the bird food at no additional cost but asks that it be shipped with your Alaskan, Hawaiian or International bird supplies order. WindyCityParrot.com uses International Checkout for shipping outside the US.

"Our customers are really beginning to realize the value of the free bird food rewards program," stated Cegrid Green, head of customer service. "They might not want nor be in the position to place a $60.00 bird supply order" ($60.00 orders ships free in the Continental US) "They can now just log into their account and order a bag of Volkman bird seed or a pellet blend from Hagen and have it shipped at no charge"

Barb W. of Bridgeport, CT wrote us "...at first I didn't like the program but then I needed just 2 pounds of Higgins Finch Food for some new Gouldians I brought home and Windy City Parrot shipped it right out - no questions asked – I’m sold."

In addition to offering more than 18 brands of bird food Goldenfeast, Harrison’s and Roudybush to name a few (usually shipped the same day), shoppers can easily search hundreds of easy to find bird cage styles. They can explore bird cage perches, bird cage dishes, Lixit water bottles and hundreds of other bird & parrot related accessories to help care for these unique pets. WindyCity parrot.com offers wish lists; order tracking and pre/post sales questions will be answered promptly.

Bird owners and parrot companions interested in learning more about Windy City Parrot's free bird food rewards program and large selection of bird supplies can visit http://www.windycityparrot.com/Free-food-for-bird.html or contact Cegrid Green at 1-877-287-0810 or 312-492-9673 email info(at)windycityparrot(dot)com for more information.

About Windy City Parrot, Inc. the internet’s leading retailer of bird and parrot supplies providing one stop shopping for pet bird care needs through its primary website, WindyCityParrot.com.

Windy City Parrot has been serving bird enthusiasts since 1993, entering the on line world January 1, 2002.

Cegrid Green, Department Head Customer Service

Windy City Parrot, Inc.



Why you prefer to go to professional dog groomers and pay high fees for your dog grooming. You can even groom your dog at home , yes really You can do much of the grooming yourself at home and save money at the same time.

This article will let you know all necessary tools that you need for your dog grooming at home.

Dog grooming Hair scissors

Thinning scissors

Dog clippers

Dog/cat toe nail clippers

Dog Nose scissors

Dental scaler

Dog hair pulling forceps

Dog Tweezers

Brush and Comb

Dog grooming scissors:

Most important tools for dog grooming. Dog grooming scissors are usually long blade scissors having 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5" sizes. Scissors are both straight as well as curved. Common size is 8.5". Available in mirror polished, satin and titanium coated finish. These days titanium coated shears are very common because these are not only beautiful, but these shears have long lasting sharpness. Curved shears let you cut corners - literally. They are real time-savers. And, considering that most scissoring is supposed to achieve round or curved surfaces, it seems only natural to use curved shears on dogs ranging from Bichons to Bouviers. Gain experience with these shears by rounding off feet, topknots and tails. Experiment with them in reverse to create angulation above the hock joint. You might even use them to create the arch on some Terriers' eyebrows. Many groomers who have had difficulty shaping round and curved edges seem to have more success when they are using curved shears. Now come to Filipino shears ,these scissors have wider blade than other grooming scissors. These are excellent for cutting bulk hairs. These scissors feature superb smoothness and sharpness.

Thinning scissors:

If your dog has very thick coat of hairs we recommend you to use thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are choice of groomers in hot weather because thinning scissors thin out the heavy coats of hairs giving dogs a cool feel. Thinning shears, in various lengths and styles, constitute "the shears of the '90s" - and they are a necessary part of any groomer's collection. Thinning shears with a 28-teeth blade (or finer) are excellent for finish work and blending. They give coats a soft-edged appearance and produce Schnauzer and Terrier furnishings that look natural. Used to thin over scissored Lhasas and similar breeds with silky, flowing coats, these shears blend in and remove blunt ends. Thinning shears give breeds such as Scotties and Westies a hand-stripped look. They also give trimmed ears and bangs a natural, smooth appearance. They even thin out heavy coats and help to prevent matting in breeds such as Cockers, Afghans, etc,

Nose scissors:

Yes nose is also very important to be cleaned while grooming your dog. Use good pair of nose scissors to remove longer hairs from nose of dogs. These scissors has blunt end , so they won't disturb your dogs. Don't use pointed scissors for removing nose hairs.

Brush and Comb

You need to brush and comb away the dead hairs before bathing your pet as water creates tight matts in the loose hairs. Pets with long coat require brushing almost daily, depending on the condition of its coat. If you exercise your dog in the garden, it is likely to get tangles in its hair. You need to comb out its tangles immediately after exercise to avoid the tangles becoming mats. Brush your pet from top to bottom. Use the right brush for your pet's coat. Get advice from the pet shop if you,re unsure.

Dog clippers

purchase a set of professional dog clippers. Hair clippers for humans will not stand up to the rigors of dog grooming and should not be used. A good set of clippers can cost up to $200.00. Although the initial expense is large, the clippers will pay for themselves quickly. Make sure the animal is completely dry before using the clippers. If you wish to give your dogs specialty cuts like a poodle or a cocker cut, you should follow the directions that come with the clippers. You can also get books that have diagrams on giving special cuts. The clippers come with attachments that cut hair to the desired length for whatever effect you are trying to achieve.

Dog toe nail clippers

Dog nail clippers have 3 shapes. Guillontoin style used for removing and trimming toe nails of medium size and larger breeds. Scissors style clipper is usually used for cat nails. Plier style dog nail clippers are used to trim nails of smaller dogs. Plier style is more common among professional groomers. Care should be exercised with the toe nail clippers as if you cut the nails too short you will nick the vein that runs part way down the nail.

Dog hair pulling forceps and tweezers:

Hair pullers are fundamental tools for good grooming. Allow groomers to remove excess hair from the ear canal and reduce the risk of infections. Also used for removing ticks from pet hairs. Forceps come in curved and straight blades, having locked and unlocked handles. Forceps with polyethylene dipping handles are more commonly used these days because of firm grip and easy working.

Dental scaler

Yes dogs have also plaque problems. You can use Dental scaler, for removing plaque and cleaning teeth of pets.If you are unable to see plaque, then can use dental mirror as well.

You can touch up the grooming every two or three weeks. That way, the general grooming will not be as time consuming as it could be. Depending on how quickly your dog's hair grows, you will need to groom him every month and a half to two months, or more frequently.

Groom your pet well and enjoy its good looks and companionship !

For more information on dog grooming products, visit http://www.venusworldwide.com

Rover Company manufactures the finest Plastic Whelping Boxes for Puppies on the market today in the USA. There are a number of different whelping boxes available on the market. These are manufactured in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Whelping boxes are essential to provide the best conditions for your dog to give birth and raise small puppies. It is very important to supervise the birthing process. Although dogs make very nurturing mothers they can accidentally crush or squash puppies if they do not have the right PVC puppy rails pig rails. A cardboard box or wooden crate is just not good enough for the birthing process and laundry baskets with their patterned lattice work designs are even worse. Puppies can get caught up and injured by these lattice patterns which can often have sharp edges on the cut away areas. Plastic Whelping Boxes are specifically designed to provide safe, nurturing environments for small puppies and their mothers. They are essential for multiple litter breeds and can be reused. One way in which Plastic Whelping Boxes can help prevent puppies from getting injured is by using PVC pig rails. These help to ensure that the mother does not accidentally crush or squash the puppies against the box wall during birth and when they are still very small. Plastic Whelping Boxes make it much easier to keep puppies contained while still allowing the mom to come and go freely thru the door of the Dog Enclosure. A sheepskin furry pad makes the ideal lining for the Plastic Whelping Boxes. It is warm and can be easily washed and replaced every day. The whelping pad by Rover Company provides additional warmth and this will also give the puppies some traction as they start to learn to move around. Make sure you wash the whelping pads on a high temperature to eradicate any bacteria. Puppies are very vulnerable to certain harmful bacteria when they are young so you do need to make sure you clean and disinfect the Plastic Whelping Box thoroughly. Although puppies do not leave the Plastic Whelping Box at first the mother will come and go and could bring the bacteria in with her. Spray on the bleach solution and leave for at least ten minutes to allow it to destroy any bacteria present. Make sure you thoroughly rinse away the bleach solution and then dry before putting in new clean whelping pad lining. It is also a good idea to bleach the floor around the PVC Whelping Box at the same time (you should have the box on an easy to clean hard surface). Now you can put the puppies back into the PVC Whelping Pen. Our mission is simply to be the definitive website store in providing your pets with the highest quality and most uniquely designed cat enclosures, dog gates, cat condos, dog beds, cat beds, whelping boxes and cat hammocks available anywhere in the world. These products, not found anywhere else, are proudly made in the USA and caringly crafted from the finest materials available. Visit our website at www.roverpet.com