BRAND NEW parrot 3-Dimensional Table with Ceramic Top. This is such a beautiful table with a lot of detail and extraordinary colors! There are actual 3-Deimensional parrots on the base and on the plate! They look so real! The top of the table is...

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FeatherSmart's Large Table Top Stand is designed to hold GRAYS, AMAZONS, COCKATOOS and MACAWS. The PVC construction allows for easy cleanup. Comes with our Original - 2 (16oz) removable Feeder Cups. Comes apart for easy travel or storage! 24" long...

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Penn Plax® Bird Activity Centers create a fun and exciting out-of-cage experience for your favorite parakeet, cockatiel or other small-to-medium size bird. Avalaible in four sizes, these activity centers feature durable & brightly colored...

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Living World Nature's Perch is made to replicate a birds natural environment. There are multiple branches for your bird to perch on and it is also safe to chew. Living World Nature's Perch is the perfect decoration in order to make your bird feel...

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Prevue pet products round parrot playstand 3183 utilizes a unique triple hook design to give you plenty of room to hang treats and toys. Two stainless steel cups are included, while the pan has been designed with a high edge to help contain mess....

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The Fold-Away Shower Perch uses upgraded suction cups and has non-slip surface that provides secure footing that helps to trim nails too. Perfect size for medium to large birds.The outside diameter is 3/4" and inside diameter is 1/2".Regular...

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Made from natural pumice stone and designed with smooth surface on top to protects bird's pads and textured on side to keep your bird's nails in a natural healthy state of trim. Natural shape and sizes to exercise bird's feet and legs. 1 1/4"...

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The natural tree limb shapes are great for your birds' feet - something concrete can not be! Unlike regular concrete and morter-type perches, the unique Sandy Perch coating is non-porous so guano and other stains cannot penetrate and cause...

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Polly's Window and Shower Perch Small is designed for the smaller bird breed. This convenient perch allows you to take your avian pet just about anywhere. Made in the USA. Multipurpose perch that can be used on a solid surfaceWhen used on a...

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